Do you want to have a healthier and happier relationship with food and your body? You’re in the right spot.

The women I work with come from all walks of life and every corner of the globe, but they all have one thing in common: They are ready for change.

Through my coaching services in the six-month Total Transformation Program, VIP DaysAuthentically You, and other online courses, my clients find just that (a healthy, wholesome, and calm relationship to food and their bodies)—and so much more.

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(Note: my six-month program clients get the 28-Day Pleasure Plan, Finally Free Program, and Authentically You free

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Six-month Total Transformation Program

Through this powerful program, you will rediscover your inherent ability to listen to your body’s true wants and needs. You will receive six months of one-on-one coaching with me, complete with phone and email support, access to a vibrant community of women who share your journey, and personalized goals that are hand-tailored to your own growth.

In my many years as a health coach, I’ve found that private sessions by phone are the most powerful, transformative way for me to communicate with clients. The flexibility of working over the phone means distance is no issue, while the privacy and intimacy of a phone conversation facilitates the level of openness where true change can take place.

After six months of our life-changing work together, you will be free from the emotional and physical exhaustion of dieting, discover huge satisfaction in eating what nourishes and satisfies you, feel an overwhelming gratitude and love for your body, and be able to live your life with total food freedom.

Imagine feeling: feminine, alive, and glad to be yourself.

You will no longer be overwhelmed and exhausted by your relationship with food—instead you will  learn how to honor your cravings in a way that leaves you feeling satisfied, healthy, and balanced. You will be able to fill your life with what really matters, and truly aligned with your greatest values in life. Get ready to finally feel free.

As a client of my health coaching program, you will…

  • set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting
  • work to achieve and effortlessly maintain your natural weight
  • understand and reduce your cravings for foods that don’t serve you
  • naturally increase your energy levels
  • feel confident, beautiful, and joyful in your body
  • learn about new foods and how you can easily incorporate them into your life
  • improve and deepen your personal relationships
  • discover the confidence to create the life of your dreams
  • practice treating yourself with kindness and love as you develop a personal self-care practice

Your six-month Total Transformation Program includes…

  • a complimentary 60-minute consultation
  • two 50-minute phone sessions per month (12 total)
  • unlimited email and text support
  • a personalized welcome gift in the mail
  • lifetime access to the Healthy Hits Coaching FB group
  • my personal commitment to your health and happiness
  • BONUS – free/lifetime access to my three online courses: Authentically You, Finally Free, and the 28-Day Pleasure Plan ($741.00 in free gifts)

Interested? Get more info here >>

Last but not least, my clients have a few things in common (see below).

My clients…

  • are open
  • are vulnerable
  • trust me
  • value our time together
  • are empowered
  • believe they’re capable of change
  • are self aware
  • are reflective
  • don’t want to stay stuck
  • want their life to be good
  • communicate their needs well
  • want to find grace for themselves & others
  • are excited for coaching; they see it as a journey of becoming who they want to become
  • have an awareness around who I am as a coach & my philosophy (which I talk about right here on this page)
  • trust our conversations are a safe space
  • are curious
  • do work behind the scenes
  • know they’ll have to make choices
  • know they’ll have to make changes to get different results
  • prepare for sessions by continually considering what they want

I know it’s hard to fully grasp what you’ll get out of coaching, so read these women’s stories who have already worked with me – you’ll probably have more in common than you think!

Is this partnership right for you? Request a consultation by clicking HERE.

“Working with Paige has been inspiring as she is so passionate about what she does, which has helped me to become passionate about my health as well. Paige is so resourceful and has taught me how to eat in a way that supports my body and makes me feel good.” – CLAUDIA

Many more beautiful one-on-one coaching testimonies and  success stories can be found here.

28-Day Pleasure Plan

The Finally Free 28-Day Pleasure Plan is the perfect way to jumpstart or restart your journey with intuitive eating. Buy the Pleasure Plan HERE.

Begin transforming your relationship to food in 4-weeks…

  • WEEK 1: You’ll discover how to clear the clutter, set specific goals, and uncover the secret to actually achieving your goals (hint: it isn’t more willpower!)
  • WEEK 2: You’ll discover what to eat for *your* unique body, find out which foods give you the most energy, & uncover the game-changing ways to find your natural weight
  • WEEK 3: You’ll discover how to boost your metabolism with food, put an end to overeating, and honor your hunger and fullness
  • WEEK 4: You’ll discover how to step into your success daily and create rituals to consistently hold you accountable following the 28-day program

(The Pleasure Plan – join here – is a wonderful place to start, and has the BEST results when followed by our 12-session Finally Free Program)

Finally Free Program

Me working through my Finally Free worksheets

Finally Free is a 12-session video course (including free live group coaching several times per year – see website for dates) that guides you to a renewed relationship with food (ditch diets for GOOD), empowering self-love, and lasting body freedom.

In Finally Free, Simi and I reveal the twelve breakthroughs that have personally freed us (and hundreds of our clients!) from a life spent trapped in dieting hell, doomed to chase an impossible ideal of body perfection.

This unique intuitive eating program is a step-by-step formula to your healthiest and happiest life – and so much more.

Head HERE for all the details & success stories!

Authentically You

Do you desire to reconnect with yourself? Do you want to begin practicing self-love? Do you want to dig deeper into figuring out what self-love actually means for you?

Do you want a more mindful, healthy, and positive mindset? Do you want to become your best self?

Authentically You will support you, in 8-weeks, to slow down, be more mindful, and re-discover (or discover for the first time) your true self. It will help you to feel confident in both your body & the person you are today; this program will help you to move forward.

Authentically You will help you to discover the magic and joy in giving yourself permission (& enough self-compassion) to say “YES” to what feels good and “NO” to things that will stretch you too thin; this course will empower you to let go of the things you think you *should* do/be (the things that are weighing you down) and make space for the most important things in your life!

If you’re in a place of self-doubt, negativity, and feeling stuck, Authentically You will allow you to develop the awareness to see the light and in 8-weeks, bring yourself to a place of joy & peace.

“As a result of Authentically You, I have gained a new perspective and the ability to embrace and enjoy myself and my life in every season while moving towards my goals. I have gained confidence and I now treat myself with kindness, patience and love. It has been an incredible experience for which I am most grateful.” – Jillian

Join Authentically You HERE so you can begin living your happiest, most authentic, and genuine life!

 The VIP Day Experience

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In person coaching for a full day with Paige (very limited spacing & availability, view options here)

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  • Six-month Total Transformation Program (get more info here)
  • 28-Day Pleasure Plan (join now here)
  • Finally Free Program (join here)
  • Authentically You (join here)
  • VIP Days (email me to inquire

(Note: my six-month program clients get the 28-Day Pleasure Plan, Finally Free Program, and Authentically You free)

Love, Paige