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(Note: join me in my six-month Total Transformation Program and get the first three programs free!)

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The 28-Day Pleasure Plan

Finally Free Pleasure Plan

The Finally Free 28-Day Pleasure Plan is the perfect way to jumpstart or restart your journey with intuitive eating. Buy the Pleasure Plan HERE.

Begin transforming your relationship to food in 4-weeks…

  • WEEK 1: You’ll discover how to clear the clutter, set specific goals, and uncover the secret to actually achieving your goals (hint: it isn’t more willpower!)
  • WEEK 2: You’ll discover what to eat for *your* unique body, find out which foods give you the most energy, & uncover the game-changing ways to find your natural weight
  • WEEK 3: You’ll discover how to boost your metabolism with food, put an end to overeating, and honor your hunger and fullness
  • WEEK 4: You’ll discover how to step into your success daily and create rituals to consistently hold you accountable following the 28-day program

(The Pleasure Plan – join here – is a wonderful place to start, and has the BEST results when followed by our 12-session Finally Free Program which opens a few times per year)

Finally Free Program

Me working through my Finally Free worksheets

Finally Free is a 12-session video course that guides you to a renewed relationship with food (ditch diets for GOOD), empowering self-love, and lasting body freedom.

In Finally Free, Simi and I reveal the twelve breakthroughs that have personally freed us (and hundreds of our clients!) from a life spent trapped in dieting hell, doomed to chase an impossible ideal of body perfection.

This unique intuitive eating program is a step-by-step formula to your healthiest and happiest life – and so much more.

Head HERE for all the details & success stories!

Authentically You

Do you desire to reconnect with yourself? Do you want to begin practicing self-love? Do you want to dig deeper into figuring out what self-love actually means? Do you want a more mindful, healthy, and positive mindset? Do you want to become your best self?

Authentically You will support you, in 8-weeks, to slow down, be more mindful, and re-discover (or discover for the first time) your true self. It will help you to feel confident in both your body & the person you are today; this program will help you to move forward.

Authentically You will help you to discover the magic and joy in giving yourself permission (& enough self-compassion) to say “YES” to what feels good and “NO” to things that will stretch you too thin; this course will empower you to let go of the things you think you *should* do/be (the things that are weighing you down) and make space for the most important things!

If you’re in a place of self-doubt, negativity, and feeling stuck, Authentically You will allow you to develop the awareness to see the light and slowly (over a season of 8-weeks) bring yourself to a place of joy & peace.

“As a result of Authentically You, I have gained a new perspective and the ability to embrace and enjoy myself and my life in every season while moving towards my goals.  I have gained confidence and I now treat myself with kindness, patience and love.  It has been an incredible experience for which I am most grateful.” – Jillian

Join Authentically You HERE so you can begin living your happiest, most authentic, and genuine life!

Self-Love Summer Challenge

Abby & Paige - Self Love Summer

Have you struggled to find that perfect balance between your desires to feel healthy & confident in a bikini AND enjoy spontaneous, fun, summer vacations, dinners, and outings with friends?

Abby & I, your coaches in Self-Love Summer, understand exactly how you feeling, and up until just a few summers ago, we didn’t think there was a way to enjoy BOTH of our desires simultaneously. We believe we’ve found the “secret sauce” to a balanced, fun, feel-good summer, and we’re bottling up this magic for you in the Self-Love Summer Challenge.

Join now &/or get on the waitlist HERE.

Choose your program & take an action:

  • 28-Day Pleasure Plan (join here)
  • Finally Free Program (join here)
  • Authentically You (join here)
  • Self-Love Summer (join the waitlist here)

(Note: join me in my six-month Total Transformation Program and get the first three programs free!)

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