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What “Freedom with Food” Means to Me

Freedom with Food
Last week I worked on fine tuning what I wanted to share with you girls about Authentically You (see all of that great-ness here) and as I did that I revisited my story and began thinking more about what food freedom means to me. Today, I want to share those thoughts with you. In a nutshell, having freedom with food means I don’t need...

Keep Your Primary Food Tanks Full

primary foods
Recently, in a session with a client, she brought up primary foods. This particular client had been referred to me by a friend (I love referrals – you girls are amazing for sharing with others!) and her friend had told her about the life changing work we’d done talking about primary foods. Primary foods are the non-food sources of nourishment in our...

If I Were Still Dieting: What this Weekend Would’ve Been Like

nacho's, dieting, and binge eating
I spent this past weekend with friends in SLO-town  celebrating the holidays. My friend Amy has been visiting from Boston for the past month. She left this morning to head back home for the holiday’s, so you know all weekend we were trying to soak up time with her. We did so many fun things while she was here, including bloody...