How Procrastination and Waiting Can Lead to Emotional Eating

In Paige Schmidt's Coaching With Women, She Often Finds One Common Denominator With Emotional Eating. She's Sharing it With You Now.
Many of you know about the work that I do with my clients to help them have a happier relationship with food. One that removes fear, empowers them to make choices that help them to feel good and live a life free from obsession. Emotional eating is a topic that comes up with nearly every client. In my work with these...

Dieting As A Distractor From the Painful Areas of Our Life

When we feel out of control in our lives, we often turn to faux-stability in dieting. Instead, we can explore and pay attention to what is ACTUALLY going on rather than ignoring.
This weekend I went through some old notes/memorabilia that I’d saved up over the years. Some of what I saved was from friends, some from old boyfriends (think: high school). For the longest time I thought I wanted to save these notes/things forever. I figured… well, they’re valuable memories to me, right? And then the other day it hit me…...

How Does Health Fit in With Intuitive Eating?

How does healthy food (and eating for health and longevity) fit in with intuitive eating?
If you’re at a point in your journey with intuitive eating where you’re wondering how focusing on your health fits in, this post is for you. Just like stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance), there are stages of intuitive eating. If you’re just coming out of dieting (loads of restriction) and into learning to listen to your...