Become a Health Coach

Are you passionate about holistic health and ready to reach a deeper level of personal nourishment? Do you dream of a fulfilling career helping others become healthier and happier? This page is for you!

Here’s the thing. I have SO many women who email me asking about my experience at IIN & HCI. Bottom line, I loved both of my experiences. They’ve allowed me to create a full-time, passion filled, lucrative business and work 100% for myself.

Since I do have so many women emailing in, I decided to start doing free 30-minute phone chats with anyone who is interested in becoming a coach.

So, here’s how you can go about this:

  1. Schedule your free call HERE (anyone can sign up!)
  2. Put together a list of any questions you have before our call
  3. Email me your questions before we speak at
  4. If you sign-up for either program, share my name ‘Paige Schmidt’ as your referral. Since I will get a reward when you use my name, I’ll gift you a free 30-minute mentor session with me to thank you! All opinions about IIN & HCI are absolutely my own. Keep in mind: If I didn’t absolutely love the programs, I wouldn’t be a full time health coach or be sharing this page.

Common questions that girls ask me:

  • How much time did you have to dedicate to studying?
  • Are you able to support yourself with your coaching income?
  • How do you find clients?
  • Do I have to have a blog to find clients?
  • Will IIN &/or HCI teach me to find clients?
  • What is your favorite part about being a coach?
  • Can I work with you for support as I’m studying?
  • Which program would you recommend to start with? HCI or IIN?

You might consider becoming a coach if:

  • You are driven
  • You believe in yourself, or are at least willing to
  • You will stay focused
  • You won’t give up
  • You are ready to learn valuable information
  • You want to create a business you love, with your own hours
  • You want to be your own boss (or work for someone else – you can do either as a coach)
  • You want to make a change in the world
  • You want to make a great income
  • You want a job that is rewarding
  • You’re willing to love the great parts of the work along with the hard parts (like any job)

As a graduate and ambassador from both programs, I’m here to answer any questions that you might have and share my experience as a coach.

Wanna chat?

If you’re interested in IIN or HCI but have questions to ask before you enroll, schedule a free call with me (let me know in the notes of booking your meeting which program you’re interested in). I’m more than happy to spend 30-minutes talking with you.

Find out more about IIN

Find out more about HCI

Love, Paige