Daily Eats + Intuitive Eating Notes

Good-morning, and happy Wednesday 🙂 I have MORE eats to share with you today. Seriously, I am on a roll!  These eats are from last week (3/7/17). I’ve been keeping “stock” of my daily eats so I can be super consistent in sharing with you all.

Before you go any further…

I put together the workshops you all gave input on! You know… the ones on budgeting, organization, and meal planning (while eating intuitively)! And yes, I did this just for fun. There’s no sale at the end of this series, haha (we’re all so used to this in the online world!).

From a reader: “I really like what you shared about giving [in the budget video] – how it’s not just about giving to organizations, but also about blessing your friends & family. Great idea to be more intentional about being generous/giving to those that we love the most. :)” – Sara

You can find the free sign-up page for the Healthy Hits TIPS Series HERE – enjoy! You’ll get the first video today, the second tomorrow, and the final one the day after. Spaced em’ out for ya 🙂

Now, for eats…

As always, let’s remember that the purpose of sharing my eats with you is not so that you can compare your eats to mine, but rather, my hope is that you would find encouragement within these posts to listen to your own body and to eat intuitively, without rules. That you would find freedom!



This day started off eaaaarly with a 6:30 AM drive to Paso Robles with Asia. Marco was off this day, and so I wanted to finish work by noon so I could hangout with him (he worked the whole weekend). We went to Spearhead coffee where one of the owners, Jeremy, treated us to scones and cappuccino’s. He’s so nice!

IE note (for the rest of this post “IE note” means “intuitive eating note”): I ate half this scone with my cappuccino. The whole thing would have felt like too much, but half was incredible – just right! It didn’t change the way I felt (like when you overload on sugar and feel sick), yet I got to fully enjoy it.

I share with my clients that the goal in eating, whether it’s a salad or a scone, is to feel good. We want to enjoy our food and be able to walk away feeling good AND say “that was so good!” Not, “gosh, I feel sick/so full.” We want the experience to be pleasant.

So, this is the motivation behind most of my choices with food: I want to have positive food experiences so I can continue to trust food and my body easily.

Client testimonial: “…for those afraid that letting go of dieting will land you in an unhealthy and disgusting body? It turns out my body can be trusted! It turns out the signals it gives me, when honored, keeps me at a great weight. And it also likes a brisk walk and bike ride daily! Who knew?” (more stories here)

Latte Salad at Urbane cafe

After our biz time date at Spearhead I went to lunch with Marco at Urbane Cafe. Yum! SoCal sandwich for him, Urbane Cafe salad for me. This salad is filled with: mixed greens, pears, avocado, goat cheese, pecans, and chicken. I always get balsamic with this one – it’s to die for.

Bloody Mary

After Urbane we walked around town, went to the grocery store, and ran some errands. When we finished those things, we walked to get a drink at Marston’s in downtown SLO. Coors Light for Marco (always) and a Bloody Mary for me (almost always). This one was so good!

Pita and hummus

When we got home I snacked on a little bit of whole wheat pita with hummus. Hits the spot perfectly.

Dal Nirvana

Marco and I watched Netflix in the evening and spent time together. It was such a lovely day – it was so nice to get some one on one time together. We didn’t get as much of that this past year as we were constantly traveling back and forth to Ventura.

For dinner, we reheated leftovers from the night before of the Dal Nirvana with rice and naan bread. This time, I added cilantro on top. It was so yum!

IE note: This felt more filling the second time around (we had it the night before, too). I ate three-quarters of this, put the food away, did the dishes, and got back to our movie. I always feel thankful when I end at a comfortable place so I can enjoy the rest of my evening and feel good. You too?


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Love, Paige

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  • I love your dedication to good food, Paige – and just as importantly, Bloody Mary’s! The last sip I had was while I was pregnant – long story, but I did NOT intend to drink an alcoholic drink… bartender flub-up. 🙂 And now you’ve reminded me how fortifying they can be. Enjoy your week, sweet girl!

    • Awe, thanks Thao – I am definitely dedicated to good food, and Bloody Mary’s ;)! Hope you get to enjoy one soon! XO Also, thank you again for your sweet card in the mail! I loved it so much…! You’re so thoughtful.

  • Sam @ Hygge Wellness

    Looks like such a fun day!! That bloody mary looks great ; ) Hope you’re having a great week, Paige!

  • Loving all these daily eats!! This sounds like a perfect day 🙂 Weird question…do you cut your pita with a pizza cutter? The pieces always look so crisp and yummy!

    • Thanks Charlotte! So glad you’re enjoying them 🙂 I do not… I “bake” it first in my toaster oven and then slice it almost like you would a small pizza, but with a large knife. Hope that helps! I love these kinds of questions – haha 🙂