Weekend Eats + Drinks

Good-morning ladies, and happy Wednesday! I’m here with more daily eats for you – I am on a roll 😉 This time, from Saturday. But first, I want to mention a thing or two about those online workshops I mentioned in this post.

You girls are awesome for sending over so much feedback – thank you!! So far, it seems that the workshops you’re most interested in are: 1) budgeting, 2) organizing, 3) meal planning (or preparing) while eating intuitively, and 4) establishing healthy routines… etc…!

You girls also shared that for the most part, you’d be super happy with pre-recorded videos that you can watch on your own time. Some of you wanted to be able to ask questions as well. So, I’ll find a way to integrate both! This is so fun…! I’ll keep you updated. But for now, make sure you’re on my email list.

Okay, onto eats…

As always, let’s remember that the purpose of sharing my eats with you is not so that you can compare your eats to mine, but rather, my hope is that you would find encouragement within these posts to listen to your own body and to eat intuitively, without rules. That you would find freedom!


eggs and toast

Saturday morning Jen and I woke up and had coffee talk. We read devotionals, talked about spirituality, food, work, and friendships. It was so fun having Jen visit over the weekend. When it was time for breakfast, I made us over-medium eggs and sourdough toast. What’s not to love!

After breakfast, Jen and I went downtown SLO and walked around. I showed her my favorite coffee shops, my favorite little hidden tea shop, and my favorite neighborhood, which Marco and I would love to buy in if one day a 600 sq. ft house should ever choose to not be $1,000,000.

vegetarian chili and brains bread

A little after noon both of our tummy’s were growling and we came back to my house to have leftover chili for lunch. Ah, even better the next day! And you guys… this rosemary sourdough bread. It is just to die for. Seriously, check your local Whole Foods (Brian’s Bread).

If you missed the last post, HERE is the recipe for the chili. 

sangria from luna red San Luis Obispo

We hung around the house for a bit after lunch, and once 3:00 PM hit we walked to Luna Red for happy hour. I had raved to Jen about their sangria (which I know those of you who live in SLO or have been here also love!). We had so much fun at happy hour. We talked about everything under the sun, and laughed so hard we almost pee’d our pants.

Bloody Mary from the Granada in San Luis Obispo

Jen made a joke as she was taking photos through the day that we loved to drink because she’d taken so many photos of beverages through the day: morning coffee, mid-morning coffee, tea, sangria/margarita, more drinks at the Granada in the evening… so many drinks. I feel this way daily. I typically work with like three drinks on my desk at all times. Anyone else?

When Marco got off work we met up with him for dinner at the Granada, where I started off with a Bloody Mary (yum, extra olives PLEASE).

salmon dinner from the Granada in San Luis Obispo

I ordered their salmon and swapped “great northern beans” for mashed potatoes. Taters sounded so much more fun! This mean was deeeelish.

After dinner, Asia came to the house to use our microwave (I told her she’s never allowed to buy her own because the fact that she uses mine makes us true neighbors) and we all sat and talked over tea. I love having so many girlfriends in SLO. I tell people that I feel like I live in a big giant neighborhood. So fun!

What a fun Saturday with the people I love… I love some good quality girl time 🙂 I’ll be back on Friday to share Sunday with you all!

In the meantime, if you’d like to share your input on which types of online video workshops would be helpful and fun for you, do that using THIS FORM (thank you – you’re the best!).


My one on one private coaching spaces are almost totally booked for March – I have one space left (read all about my services here and what my clients have to say about working with me here, and if you’d like to book your first hour with me for free, fill in your info here – I’ll send you next steps right away).

Love, Paige

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  • Sam @ Hygge Wellness

    Paige, I love your love for sourdough bread! It’s so good, isn’t it?! I’ll have to check to see if I can get Brian’s Bread out here in Philly. And I love that you have Asia use your microwave, too! You guys are too cute ☺️

    • Hehe, thanks Sam! Yes, let me know if you find it! I’m curious to know if it’s just local or all over 🙂 XO