The Last Day In My First Home

Today is the last day in my first home, and the first day in my (soon-to-be) married home! You guys. 35 days until the Wedding. That’s nuts!

It’s 7:35am as I’m typing this post. We get the keys at 3:00. I’m freaking out.

Thank you all so much for the emails/text messages wishing us a happy moving day. I am overwhelmed with love today!

Stay tuned on instagram! I’ll share photos!

Yesterday’s Eats

eggs toast coffee

Breakfast was eggs & toast


Snack was a bowl of cherries after a walk at the park with Mom


And a nectarine

tostada bowl

For lunch I had a tostada in a bowl. I thought, “if this is good on a shell, it would be good in a bowl.”

Base: lettuce/cabbage/cilantro/tomatoes. Top: refried beans/onions/salsa. So yummy!


Mid-day snack: strawberries

lettuce turkey wrap

Around 4:00p two turkey wraps with lettuce, avocado, turkey, homemade pesto, tomato, and bell pepper. I wanted something light and fresh, this totally did the trick!

turkey masala

Dinner was leftover turkey masala that Dad made last week. So yummy, still!

85 percent dark chocolate

Dessert was dark chocolate. Mm. Perfect!

Yesterday felt really fresh & light — I’m craving the same type foods today. Headed downstairs to make a Green Smoothie, and then get to packing. For lunch, I’m meeting my Maid of Honor and Auntie at Urbane Cafe. I can’t wait to get my favorite Urbane Cafe salad there!

Dinner is up in the air — just the way I like it. Get to decide once the time comes 🙂

Enjoy your day everyone! Thank you so much for thinking of us. Like I said, hop on over to instagram and follow along for photos.

Love, Paige

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Love, Paige

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