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GOOD Morning ladies!

I am here with some yummy daily eats from Tuesday and Wednesday, and also, a GREAT idea for us to al connect! Keep reading 🙂



Breakfast was eggs, toast with EVOO, and half an ago


Mid-morning snack was an Organic green apple & PB


Lunch was a turkey sandwich with onion, lettuce, and mustard + a side salad


Dinner started off with a cheese-less caesar salad with avo on top


Dinner was random. Pasta with marinara sauce + a veggie patty on top. We were sure limited with options, so this is what I came up with 🙂


Dessert was another Organic green apple



Breakfast was Ezekiel with EVOO, avocado, sea-salt, and red chili pepper flakes


Lunch was a little bowl of pasta. This is all that was leftover from the night before 🙂


For an afternoon break, I sat down, made myself some Coffee, and enjoyed on of my Mom’s gluten-free chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.


For dinner, I was craving pasta again, so I made whole grain penne noodles with olive oil, fresh garlic (lots!), sea-salt, and red chili pepper flakes. To add greens, we had loads of asparagus.


So. Stinkin’. Good. Not to mention – this took less than 15 minutes to make.

Okay, so now to my idea!

Who here has an instagram? Raise your hand!

If your hand is raised, would you be interested in doing a #HealthyHitsWednesday Challenge?

I figure, I always share my daily eats with you, I’d love to see what all of your daily eats are! Hey, who knows, maybe I’ll gets some great ideas and be able to feature you on Healthy Hits the Spot!

I would LOVE if you guys got excited about this, and joined in! I think it would be really motivating for people to share their healthy, balanced meals every Wednesday’s via instagram.

You would use the hashtag #HealthyHitsWednesday, and make sure to tag @HealthyHitstheSpot so I would be notified!

In the comments below, let me know what you think!

Love, Paige

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  • Amanda

    I’m in! But could you send a reminder email or Facebook post on Wednesday mornings?

    • healthyhitsthespot

      Absolutely! Great idea!

  • Tim Vroom

    those organic green apples look kinda good. lately ive been eating tons of honeycrisp apples, but those can be hard to find and pretty pricey, maybe i need to go green

  • Your food always looks so delicious!