{Daily Eats} Through this Week

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! Here are my Daily Eats from the week:



Breakfast was 2 eggs & an english muffin


Lunch was a salad with a slice of homemade veggies pizza

photo 1

After lunch I went to the Gym and Barnes & Nobles. Oh, and TJ’s! I picked up some Coconut Cream to try in my Coffee. I actually really like it! I only need a very small spoonful & a little bit of agave. So far, so good!


Dinner was harvest grains with chicken curry. I ate this really early. Like 3:30, so I had a little bit more later in the evening around 7:30.


Along with the sweets that I was craving. 3 little pieces of homemade fudge and 2 scoops of Talenti Gelato (chocolate coffee)


I know this picture has 3 scoops, but after taking one taste, I knew I couldn’t have more than the 2 smaller scoops, so I put the other large scoop back. It was really rich (and freaking delicious).


photo 2

Thursday I woke up and had really sweet quiet time. I’ve really been making Quiet Time a priority this week, and I am so thankful. It starts my day off so well.


Breakfast was eggs & toast

photo 3

Lunch was a Power Greens smoothie with little Kampbell


Snack was a half of a banana


Dinner was carne asada & chicken tacos + beans and spanish rice. Dad is a great cook.

After dinner, Marco and I went to the Gym and ended the evening with a Movie. Mud. It was really good! Anyone else see it?

I didn’t have any dessert on Thursday since I pretty much had two Petite Treats on Wed 🙂


photo 4

Friday morning started of with such a sweet quiet time followed by a really good Gym Session


Breakfast was an english muffin with Organic PB & half a banana

photo 5

Snack was breakfast trail mix blend while playing at the park with little Cate. This trail mix was way too sweet. Don’t recommend it. I like the Omega-3 Trek Mix more!

photo 1 IMG_5634.JPG

Lunch was a big salad that I packed in the morning and took on the go


About an hour after lunch I had some Green Smoothie that was spinach, banana, cilantro, flaxseed and water. Yum! I had that baby cup earlier in the morning before I left the house.

photo 3

Around 4:00 I got a smoothie again with the littles I was watching. We went to the park again and played for about an hour. I got an exercise doing that yesterday 🙂 Since I had a smoothie from Blenders the day before, I got a small one yesterday. Trying to keep that balance & moderation.

photo 4

At about 7:30 I had dinner at Azu in Ojai with Marco and his parents. I ordered a Quinoa salad and had two small squares of focaccia bread with it.

photo 5

To end the evening, we got Gelato to share. I ended up eating almost all of this scoop my myself as my Petite Treat. The others had just started a Weight Watchers and were watching their points 🙂 I was sold at “this Gelato was just made today.” It was so rich and creamy, one small scoop was perfect.

Love, Paige

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  • This all looks so good! You must really like Blenders 😉

    • healthyhitsthespot

      I really do 🙂 And so do the little ones that I babysit. It’s a daily wish for them. “Go get smoothies with Paige?”

  • I wish we had Blenders in Atlanta: they make the best smoothies.

    • healthyhitsthespot

      Ah, they do.. have you ever had the Peanut Butter? It’s literally the best thing I’ve ever tasted…. (okay maybe I’m exaggerating… but it’s soooo good!)