{Daily Eats} Monday + Tuesday


As I was leaving the house Monday, my parents were taking down the Christmas decorations. Now that they’re almost put away, this may be the last week you get to see this Christmasy tablecloth 😉

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7:00 eggs & toast

9:45 Step Class & weight lifting!

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1:00 lunch was a caesar salad with a soft boiled egg & small slice of sourdough. This was exactly what I was craving. Yum!

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After lunch, Marco and I went to the mall. Mother nature hit me Monday, and had me really craving chocolate. I satisfied my craving with delicious See’s Chocolates! I had 4 pieces.. yep, I felt a little tired after 😉

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3:30 right before work, I made Marco and I taco’s. I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat again until about 8:30 when I was with my cousins, so I had an afternoon meal.. I can’t really call it lunch or dinner

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8:30 I had cheese and crackers. This is all I wanted for dinner, so I let myself have it while indulging in the Bachelor with my Mom and cousins. Tasted great, but gave me a total stomachache. Whoops! I’ll know better for next time now.



7:00 was eggs and a whole wheat english muffin. Switching it up a little bit 😉 This breakfast kept me so full. I wasn’t even feeling super hungry by 1:30 when I had lunch, which I normally would

photo 1

For lunch, I had a Chicken Waldorf salad from the royal bakery in Ventura. I skipped the bread and butter since I didn’t feel great from the cheese & crackers the previous night.

My lunch was bought for me by my new friend Maria! She is a new student at IIN, studying to become a Holistic Health Coach, and I am now her mentor. I’m so excited about this new friendship, she is the sweetest lady. Since she lives out of town, we will meet once ever couple of months or so for lunch 🙂

photo 2

After meeting with Maria and her friend, I met with my friend Jade for tea. This was our used-to-be-weekly Coffee Bean date. We haven’t done it as much lately, so it was really nice to catch up 🙂

photo 3

For dinner, my Dad made two homemade delicious pizzas. I wanted to finish the rest of my chicken salad from lunch, so I had that with two small tastes of pizza. It was perfect! A little pepperoni, a little veggie.

photo 4 photo 5

Later in the evening, Marco and I went to Panera to search houses on Craigslist. We are not looking to move anytime soon, but we are absolutely excited about the next place we decide to live. We did this just for fun to kill time before our movie started.


We ended up seeing American Hustle. It was really good, but at the same time… we both walked out saying, so what was the point of that movie? Maybe we’re just not seeing it… Everything about it was great, but I’m not sure what was to be learned? How to Con people? Ha!

Well, it’s back to work for me. I hope you all have a fabulous day, and I will see you back here tomorrow. If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to sign up for my newsletter at the top righthand side of my blog. This will be a different kind of newsletter than you’re used to. It will be really short, sweet, and personal (and if I may add, will not crowd your inbox – trust me, I hate that too).

Love, Paige

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  • I miss the Royal Bakery! One of the best Ventura spots! You make me miss home lady!

    • healthyhitsthespot

      Ah, sorry! Maybe we can all go there when you visit 🙂 What’s your favorite thing to order there? I haven’t tried many things!

      • I love the chicken salad sandwich! I hope they still have it!!

        • healthyhitsthespot

          I’ll have to try that next time then 🙂

  • Courtney

    Hi Paige! I was just wondering what your opinion is about fats like butter and do you limit how many egg yolks you eat? I know from your blog that you are an egg lover and I feel like everybody has a different opinion about how much is too much!

    • healthyhitsthespot

      Hi Courtney! I generally will try not to have more than 2 per day, but for the most part, I listen to my body. For example, there was a day last week where I had 2 eggs at breakfast, and one soft boiled egg with my salad at lunch. The next morning I woke up and I only wanted 1 egg. I really trust that my body will balance itself out.

  • I love those teeny slices of pizza! So smart!

    • healthyhitsthespot

      It’s a great way to satisfy yourself! Mostly, I believe that we want to TASTE a lot of things, but we don’t need to fill ourselves up with those things. You can fill yourself with soup or salad and taste the heavier foods without stuffing yourself with them. Then your body feels better and more satisfied. 🙂

  • I feel you on American Hustle, actually. It was a brilliantly crafted movie and I had no criticisms about it, but I left the theater feeling unmoved. (Check out Wolf of Wall Street, though, that’s a different story!)

    Your breakfasts always look so yummy and I love reading about your daily meals! What a way to hold yourself accountable…

    • healthyhitsthespot

      Took your advice and saw the Wolf of Wall Street! Super good movie. Way longer than I expected, haha! We enjoyed it 🙂