Hi gals!

Good morning and happy Monday to you. Didn’t this weekend feel so LONG? I’m back in SLO now. I was in Ventura for a whole week for the holiday. It was a half work, half vacation kind of trip. It was a good one… Now I feel like I’m getting back into the swing of regular life today.

Anyone else?

paige and friends

While in Ventura I walked with friends, spent a ton of time with my mom, aunts, and cousins, met up with friends for dinner, and walked at the beach with Marco while he was there (he had to leave earlier than I did for work).

coffee with the family

Tons of coffee and coffee talk with mom and dad happened (coffee from mom and dads is the best).


And little Noah got some MAJOR cuddle time from me. I miss him so much!

carpinteria sunset ca

For Thanksgiving we went to Carpinteria State Beach where some of our family was camping. We had about 40 people there for Turkey Day dinner. After dinner we all walked to the beach to watch the sunset, and then sat around the campfire.

I wish I had more to share about the meal and how that went, but really, no one had any trouble with their food because we had to get it put away so quickly. Ha! It’s been getting dark here so early lately that right after dinner it was scram time.

working from home

Now, onto this week… Like I said, today I feel like I’m just getting back into the grove with everything. So, will you help me? Let me know what you want to see this week on the blog so I can get to working :).

Posts from last week:

  1. How I Became A Health Coach (And How You Can Too)
  2. Q&A – Making Thanksgiving Food Normal
  3. How I Stopped Craving Junk Food When I Switched To Intuitive Eating

What do you want to see this week?

These are all on my heart to share:

  1. Daily Eats
  2. The #1 Reason You Might Turn Back to Dieting
  3. Your 20’s: A Time Of Excitement And Confusion
  4. Body Comments: Make Less Comments, Or Be Less Senesitive?
  5. Living For Your Future Self > Your Current Self

So, in the comments, let me know what you’d like to see (please)! If you feel like there is something ELSE that you’d like me to talk about, feel more than free to share that too. I’m all ears this morning.

Alright gals. I’m headed to a coffee shop to co-work with my friend Asia this morning. After that it’s time for a hike with Marco and a trip to Costco to set up for the week.

Better get going :)




Hey girlies,

First of all, HOW was Thanksgiving yesterday? I want to hear all about it!

As you all know, I coach my clients on how to break free from diets and restrictions and eat intuitively. Eating intuitively gives you the freedom to eat whatever your body is craving, without placing any restrictions on what you can and cannot eat.

Rather, you make choices, from a place of love & grace, based on how you *want* to feel. 

When clients, and readers, first begin to make the switch, they often ask me when they will stop craving junk food. After years of training our brains that a food is “good” or “bad”; removing those labels might mean craving some things you had previously forbidden.

I get this question quite often because people see that I don’t generally eat a ton of “junk food.” However, remember, I’ve been eating intuitively for a long time now. It took me at least two years to get to a place where my body trusted that I wouldn’t deprive her anymore.


When we forbid certain foods we put those foods on a pedestal. They become something we “can’t touch”, therefore we think and crave those foods more (this craving is all in our minds).

When we stop putting these roadblocks up in our mind, and allow ourselves whatever we want, it takes a while for our bodies to truly trust us again; for our minds to settle.

It makes sense that we’d be excited about some things that we haven’t had in a while.

I remember the first meal I ate intuitively was a slice of hot apple pie for lunch. I couldn’t think of anything that felt more joyful and free. I specifically remember sitting on a blanket, in my bedroom, having a picnic all on my own.

The key is to not force yourself to stop craving junk food. You will naturally crave it less over time, because it loses it’s power over you. It becomes just food.

Over time, my body realized how much better I felt when I ate REAL foods (what I mean by real foods, here). Moderation is key. So if I want ice-cream or candy every now and then, I can have it.

The key is *having those fun foods in a way that leaves me feeling good.* I want to TRUST the experience, not hate it. Right? Makes sense?

For example, if Marco brings home Sour Patch Kids and I’d like to have some I’ll have a bite or two, and feel good with that. How? Because I know I have so many other options that are more yummy and satisfying for me. Plus, more than just a few Sour Patch Kids will make me feel icky. I know this from experience.

It’s important to note that there are no rules involved when I’m making food choices. Rather, I’ve learned which foods in what amount leave me feeling how I want to feel.

My goal is to *feel good.* Isn’t yours?

So, when you crave ice cream or fro yo, know that you can have them in an amount that will leave you feeling satisfied and happy, not sick.

Note: If you ever have a desire to binge on these foods, know it might not be a true food craving you’re experiencing. Or, there might be lingering thoughts of restriction there.

The craving to binge is likely a life need which cannot be met with food. Or, a “faux craving” simply because you have that food on a pedestal. 

For example, a craving for a pizza… If you have a craving to stop and grab some pizza for lunch, that’s probably a true food craving. Pizza for lunch sounds normal enough, right?

However, if you’re pre-planning to order a whole pizza and can already see yourself eating it as fast as you can while no-one is around, that’s more of an emotional craving in which you might just want to numb out feelings/thoughts for a while and not have to think about what you “should” be doing (thought: thinking about what we SHOULD be doing all day long is SO exhausting you guys!).

A binge might sound appealing for the moment, but here’s the reality of what a binge ALWAYS feels like:

The food distracts you for a little while, and then the tough feelings come back when the eating stops. Not only that, but now there’s MORE piled feelings of guilt, shame, and “I can’t do anything right” on top.

That’s no way to feel better…

Trust this: When you choose to listen to your body, over time, food will lose it’s power over you, and your cravings will mellow out.

You’ll be able to have a bite of chocolate without devoting the whole bar. 

As hard as it may seem, don’t force yourself to stop craving something. Just trust that slowly, your food cravings will normalize and you will get to a place where food is no longer on a pedestal.

A mindset shift for us to think about on restriction… 

Restriction is easy, and takes no turning INWARD. Balance, and learning to eat in a way that feels good for YOU takes TRUE growth and reflection. It might be harder at times to reflect, but the reward is so much GREATER. It is so worth it.

If you need help, please schedule a free consultation with me. This is what I do.

What thoughts did you have as you read through this? I’d love to hear from you!




Hi gals!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and last week I gave you all an opportunity to send in any quesitons that you had about Thanksgiving. Today, I’m answering those questions below. I’ve had so much fun with this post!

How to Not Get Stuffed On Thanksgiving

Q: What is your least favorite thanksgiving dish?

What a fun question! I always think about what I love on Thanksgiving… Honestly, I’m really not a picky person. So, here’s what I’m going to say… A bread roll would be my least favorite Thanksgiving food. It’s so plain compared to everything else, and takes up space in my stomach that could have been used to enjoy my absolute favorites (mashed potatoes and gravy, moist turkey with cranberry, a little bit of stuffing, etc.)

Q: How can we balance out the day with more meals so that we don’t overeat when dinner comes up?

Ah, I used to struggle with this balance SO MUCH. I think what most of us have learned is to “save room” for that one big Thanksgiving meal.

But I recommend actually doing the opposite. Sure, you want to be hungry when you show up for that yummy meal because you want everything to taste amazing and there will be so many things that you want to try.

But my recommendation is to not skip meals before Thanksgiving. Eat AS NORMALLY AS POSSIBLE the morning of Thanksgiving.

For example, I’ll definitely have my normal coffee, eggs, and toast before our meal. I’ll also probably have something around noon again. Like, an open faced turkey sandwich, a couple slices of avocado toast, or a smoothie… Not something so big that it would hold me over too long, but something that will carry me over calmly into that 3:00 Thanksgiving meal.

Aim to feel ready to eat, but not starving.

Q: Do you work out on Thanksgiving Day?

Depends on what I’m feeling like. If I want to, say, go for a run because it sounds good, sure, I’ll go. But I am NOT working out with the intention to make up for any uncomfortable amount of eating that I’ll do later. No no.

If you need to skip your workout to help neutralize your mind around food and dieting, do it.

If you want to do a workout purely for that adrenaline rush, being in nature, or feeling your body work, do it. There’s no harm in exercise unless you’re using it as a form of punishment or to make up for any kind of behavior.

Q: How do you deal with comments and family pressure in regards to food around the holidays when your eating looks different than everyone else?

I get this all of the time… Since I am a Health Coach people will often look at my plate and say things like “what are YOU eating?” or “YOU are going to eat THAT?” As if I eat in some special way. I’m just normal, guys!

Sometimes comments from other people can feel awkward, but what I think we can do is call a truce and just assume that people usually have good intentions. Even if what they say feels insulting.

The way I would encourage you is to DO YOU. What feels good for you? What do you inherently know is the best thing for you? What is it that allows you to feel the way you want to feel on Thanksgiving? That’s what you get to do.

Also, a reminder for us all, I’d encourage us to NOT call attention to ourselves by making any comments about our food. For example, you don’t need to say things like “oh, I’m so full but I’m going to have desert. It’s okay because I’ll be better on Monday.” 

You don’t need to justify ANYTHING that you’re eating. Your goal is to enjoy yourself, AND feel good when you walk away.

Allow all of your expectations to meet in the middle. You don’t need to “be good” and you also don’t need to “go all out and just not care.” Take that pressure off yourself to be perfect, or to not check in at all.

Step back, remain calm, enjoy the most important things, and let the food just be food. Enjoy your most favorite flavors, savor them, and appreciate the people who cooked for you (and yourself if this is you!).

Q: I was wondering if you had any tips on how to politely decline food once you’re full?

Ah, yes! This one is tough. I deal with the same thing (I think we can all relate to ALL of these questions!). My biggest tip here is to keep the food LOW-KEY. On Thanksgiving, people like to make a huuuuge deal of the food.

So, rather than having the mentality (like most people will) that this is the biggest meal they’re going to eat all year and then diet afterward, remember that you ALWAYS get to eat normally. This is just another normal get-together where you get to eat a delicious meal.

Rather, approach Thanksgiving as a special time to focus more on family, more on conversation, more on catching up with that cousin who you haven’t talked to in six-months. More on being Thankful and thinking about what is going well.

Here’s the way to politely decline food once you’re full: “Oh, no thank you, I’m full.” That’s it.

Yes, people might make comments. But you are the only one in control of how those comments are received. It’s really no big deal. Go take a seat, engage with someone else, and move on. Let people do them, you do you. It’s all okay and not worth you feeling sick over.

I hope this post has been helpful! 

And to end, here is a Thanksgiving GIFT to you. A Thanksgiving Day Worksheet. Download it here. If you use this, share with me how it helps you. I’ve already received several emails saying that it’s helping you girls to feel more CALM. Beautiful!

Have a comment? Didn’t get a chance to ask a question? Comment below and I’ll do my best to answer any more questions today. 




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Hey gals!

Last week one of my favorite readers, Heidi (she comments often and is so interactive – I love it when you guys interact with me), asked me to share how I become a coach. So, of course, I wanted to get right to sharing the MOST common questions I get about my coaching:

Where did you go to school?

Many of you already know, but I went to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I loved my schooling. I mean, how could I not? It’s allowed me to create a full time career doing what I love.

How much time will the school take?

IIN’s training program is one year. Each Monday (you’ll have some off weeks) the school will unlock a module with your classes for that week. I tell all new students to keep up. This way, you’ll enjoy the school the whole way through and won’t feel overwhelmed.

Can I get through IIN with a full time job?

YES, you absolutely can. I used to wonder the same thing. But, the flexibility of having all your classes on your phone/computer is HUGE. I would listen to my schooling while I went on long drives, on the elliptical, while I got ready for work in the morning, while I’d clean, etc…

How will I find clients?

EVERYONE asks me this question. And hey, every practicing coach I know STILL asks this question. This one won’t go away. I heard Joshua (the founder of IIN) once say to pick one area to meet clients and focus there (your strongest). He teaches on having a “single pointed focus.”

So, I knew I already had my blog and that it was growing and growing. Plus, you guys, YOU are all the reason I wanted to become a coach in the first place. I love this community, and I wanted a way to connect with those of you who wanted it on a deeper level.

The school will teach you some ways to meet other clients. More than anything, you’ll find out your strengths, and you’ll focus there. You don’t have to do EVERYTHING. There are so many more ways to meet clients that I don’t use than there are ways that I do use.

What is my favorite part about the job?

My job is SO rewarding you guys. That being said, it’s also not easy. Coaching is NOT for someone who just wants a kick-back easy job they can do from home. This job takes work and causes you to grow in more ways than you could ever imagine.

TIP: Are you a coach? Having your own support is *essential.* Sign-up with a Health Coach yourself! Even if you feel like you don’t have anything HUGE to work on. If you’re going to coach clients, it’s good to experience BEING the client to see how your clients feel.

Check out the testimonial I received this morning:

“I never thought I would live another day without counting all the calories in everything I ate and feeling guilty constantly, but now I can say for the first time in years I feel normal.” (Read full story)

Can coaching be a full time job?

Oh my gosh, definitely! YOU can design your days, your income, etc… depending on how much you want to work, how much time you want to give, how much you want/need to make, etc…

Also I think it’s important to share that you can transition into coaching like I did. I kept my full time job for a while, then went part time (took certain days off for only coaching), and finally went full time when I was consistently making a comfortable income each month.

What does a workday look like for you?

I work with clients Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. On those days, I open up my email around 9:30, answer my clients first, check other emails, and then start with my clients at 10:30. I then work with them through the day until 5:30. Each session runs for 50 minutes.

TIP: I use TimeTrade to schedule my clients

On Monday and Friday I have “office days.” Those are the days were I schedule calls with my intern, schedule calls with my business partner in Finally Free, Simi, and days where I do writing, scheduling, and any other office work that needs to be done. I take weekends totally off.

This schedule keeps me feeling energized.

Did you need any other schooling in addition to IIN?

Here’s my belief. No one is going to feel 100% ready to coach EVER. Everyone thinks they could be better (yes, even those people that you think are the best of the best of the best). So, sure, you can do more schooling (I’m always working with a coach/coaches) but you don’t HAVE TO.

I think continued learning is great. It helps you to stay fresh and inspired. I also think just DOING is great. So, you don’t always need another new program, sometimes you just need to utilize what you already have. I’ve found a mix of both (doing and learning) is best.

That being said, out of all of my coach trainings, if I could only do one it would hands down be IIN.


I’m sharing this post with you *today* mostly because Heidi asked me to share about my schooling, and second, because IIN just shared that they’re having a big Thanksgiving special (for full-pays and payments plans). You can email me (healthyhitsthespot@gmail.com) to ask about it.

As I’ve shared on my “Become A Coach” page, I am an ambassador for IIN. If you do sign-up and you share my name I will get a reward. In return, I’ll be giving away my time for free. You’ll get two free mentoring sessions with me.

Other questions?

If you have ANY other questions about IIN, having your own coach, etc… feel free to comment and ask. I’m happy to share. You can also email me.

Thanks for reading! Can’t wait for the Thanksgiving Q&A post coming this Wednesday!




Hey gals!

Happy Friday. The top two requested posts from this week (I asked you in Mondays post) were:

  1. Daily Eats
  2. What To Do On Days Where You “Feel Fat”

So, on Wednesday I posted What To Do On Days Where You “Feel Fat” and today I’m sharing three days of eats. Reader Maddy commented sharing with me that she enjoys when I share my “IE (intuitive eating) notes” with each meal. Remember when I used to do this? Example here.


Before we start, let’s keep in mind the purpose of sharing my IE notes and daily eats is to show you that it’s possible to feel good in your body without counting calories, diets, or deprivation. Moderation, fun with food, and freedom is possible for EACH of you.


chocolate chip clif bar

This day started with a banana and Clif Bar for breakfast while I was working.

IE note: Normally I don’t eat while doing anything else. I love to enjoy my food. But, this day I was so excited to get to work that I compromised and reminded myself to not be surprised if I didn’t feel as satisfied. Intentional choosing is what I’ll call that.

eggs and toast

For lunch, I made breakfast. Two slices of toast, two eggs, and half an avocado with sea-salt.

IE note: Sure enough, breakfast wasn’t that satisfying. Ha! So, I had breakfast for lunch. So yummy and fun.

kettle sea salt and vinegar chips

For a pre-dinner snack I had Sea-Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips. I’ve been in such a vinegar mood!

IE note: Marco and I had just gotten home from Costco and I had started making dinner (oh, at Costco I had a bite of his veggie pizza too). While we waited for the rice to cook we had chips. I put the chips in bowls so we could really enjoy them. See, I learned from breakfast :).

chicken adobo

Dinner was leftover chicken adobo from the weekend with tomatoes, avocado, olive oil, and red chili pepper flakes. Mmm!

IE note: Nothing too special to note about this meal! It was comfortably filling. I usually feel pretty cozy after I eat warm food, especially when brown rice is involved (so filling).

quiet time basket

After dinner we cleaned up the kitchen (part of how we stay organized) and I set out my quiet time basket for the next day.

chocolate and tea

To end the evening, we watched Rules of Engagement on Netflix, shared a few squares of dark chocolate, and sipped on peppermint tea.

IE note: Again, nothing too special here. But to note for all of you, I’ll share that when I eat chocolate I love to let each piece melt in my mouth. The chocolate lasts so much longer and tastes 10x more heavenly.



This day started off with eggs and toast for breakfast (two over easy eggs) and then a trip to the gym with Marco.

tamales from costco

Lunch was two chicken tamales with hot sauce. Mmm! Love tamales. So comforting.

IE note: Before this meal I had the thought “we should really finish the leftover chicken adobo first.” Then I asked myself “will I feel satisfied if I eat that?” Answer: nope! So, I made the tamales instead and assured myself that the chicken adobo will be yummy another day.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 1 of 7

In the afternoon I enjoyed a slice of toasted sourdough with organic mayo, mustard, turkey, and tomato slices with sea-salt & pepper.

IE note: I was nearly meal hungry at this time, so I had a “small meal” instead of a snack. You can read more about meal hunger vs. snack hunger here.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 2 of 7

After my small meal I got back to work in my office with a cup of chamomile tea.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 3 of 7

I had to work until 7:00 on Tuesday, which meant that dinner wasn’t until about 8:00. So, at about 5:15 I had a snack of chips & salsa.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 4 of 7

Ah, dinner… Dinner was salmon (baked in the oven for 30 minutes at 350) with steamed broccoli (tossed in olive oil, sea-salt, and pepper), plus a side of brown rice and quinoa mixed together. Yum! Such a filling and satisfying dinner.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 5 of 7

To end the night, I had a petite treat of Coconut Bliss Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream. So good! Simi introduced this to me while she was here over the weekend.

IE note: People often ask me “do I have to be hungry to eat desert?” The way I’d answer this is to share that you never ever *have to* be hungry when you eat anything. Sometimes, you’ll eat when you’re not hungry and that’s totally okay. Eating when you’re hungry is not a rule. Rather, it’s a guideline that can help people to listen to their bodies and enjoy their food more (food just tastes so good when you’re nice and ready for it). That being said, my answer is NO. You do not need to be hungry to enjoy dessert. If it’s what you want, go for it. Spoon out an amount that would feel good, and find a way to really really enjoy that portion.

DAY 3 –

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 6 of 7

Breakfast was sourdough toast and two over medium eggs.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 7 of 7

Lunch this day was two slices of toast with organic mayo, turkey, and tomato slices plus a side of sweet potato chips for the crunch.

IE note: This toast was gluten free brown rice toast and felt more filling to me than normal toast. Filling, but in the best way. I feel like my body loves rice foods. Anyone else? This kept me full for a long time. Interesting, I’ve never noticed this before! Always learning :).

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 3 of 3

At about 5:30 I went to Batch, an ice cream sandwich shop, with friends. I ordered a gluten free fudge cookie with butterfinger ice cream. You guys, this hit the spot oh so good.

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 2 of 3

IE note: I chose gluten free again, purely because I’ve been having really good experiences with rice based foods this week… I chose butterfingers because before I got to Batch I thought about what I wanted. My simple answer – PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM. This was the closest to it :).

Daily Eats | Healthy Hits the Spot - 1 of 3

After my ice cream date with my friends I met another friend, Asia, for coffee at Bello Mundo Cafe. Asia has a photography blog (here).

We did a panel last night at Cal Poly and it was SO fun. We talked with the students about blogging, how it’s allowed us to create businesses, and answered any questions they had about the blogging world. Such a great opportunity!

To end, dinner this night was a piece of salmon, rice, and broccoli, just like the night before. I didn’t get hungry until 9:30, so it was a late one. But, needless to say, delicious as ever because I was good and hungry.

Now, before you go… Something fun! Seeing that Thanksgiving Day is next week, I wanted to do something special for you gals! I’m going to be sending out a Q+A roundup on Wednesday, answering any and all of your questions about Thanksgiving.

Post ANY questions you’d like to ask me about Thanksgiving below :) Go!




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