A Long Day Working

by healthyhitsthespot on September 19, 2014 · 0 comments

Good morning all!

I am just going to jump right into it today!



eggs toast chicken sausage

Two over-medium eggs, Ezekiel toast, and chicken sausage

chocolate milk

I wasn’t full from breakfast yesterday, so about an hour later, I had some chocolate milk to try and satisfy me. This did the trick until I was done with the Gym.

Body Works @ 8:30

I am so sore today…! Monica was our instructor yesterday. Monica is our Gyms original Step/Bodyworks teacher. She’s now in charge of LA Fitnesses all over, and is a traveling teacher, so we hardly get to see her anymore. But yesterday, she was there and I’m pretty sure we combined squats/lunges with every single other exercise we did. Ha!


paiges favorite green smoothie

After the Gym I made my Favorite Green Smoothie (plus greek yogurt).


half my lunch

Lunch was my leftovers from the night before. I had a busy workday yesterday. So, between Clients I split my lunch into two. I had half my burger here, oh, and one piece of chicken sausage before I went back to work because I was craving more protein.

other half lunch

And the other half of my burger with leftover asparagus, mushroom, and sprinkled parmesan here, about 2 hours later.



Mid afternoon I had a short break, so I stood up, walked to the mail, took out the trash (basically, tried to move my legs) and then enjoyed this peach outside plus 2 squares of un-pictured dark chocolate.

I went back to work and worked until about 8:00. That’s late for me. I started dinner right when I was off and we ate around 8:30.


indian food dinner late

Oh man… this picture does not do our dinner justice… Ha! It was so dark out that I had to use my flash… Hang-on… I’ve had this before, let me see if I can find you another photo.

palak paneer

Any better? Maybe? Haha…

Anyway, this was a pre-made dinner. Eventually, I’ll learn how to make my own indian food, but for now TJ’s is helping me.

We (Marco and I) bought:

  1. one package frozen garlic naan (used two pieces)
  2. one channa masala (split one tray)
  3. one palak paneer (split one tray)

Yep, and that’s pretty much it! Threw in on a plate, piled it on our naan bread and enjoyed! I was thankful to have this simple dinner after a long day.

Alrighty, I’m off to meet my girlfriends for coffee at 6:15 this morning. I hope you all enjoy your weekend! You V.V.I.P. (very, very important people) will have an email post delivered to your inbox shortly. Enjoy it!

Love, your Coach Paige

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Caramelized Fruit & Cheese

by healthyhitsthespot on September 18, 2014 · 3 comments

Good morning sweet friends. How’d you sleep?

I fell asleep a bit early last night after Marco and I finished Grease! It was his first time ever seeing it. I think I am a bigger fan that he is? I love it!

Anyway, falling asleep early made it much easier to wake up at 5:00 this morning, so here I am.



eggs toast and chicken sausage

Breakfast was eggs, Ezekiel toast, and chicken sausage. I had a craving for sausage, so I picked some up at TJ’s to add to our breakfasts :)

soul keeping and coffee

After breakfast, I relaxed with Marco as he fell asleep like I always do and read my book, Soul Keeping. You guys… I’m not that far into it, and it’s already so good.

The part that’s hit me the most so far is “eliminating hurry” from our lives. This relates so much to what I teach my Clients, and relates so much to my own life. I’m really enjoying this book so far. I’ll keep you all updated.

Step at 8:30

Next, I went to a Step Class with my Daddy. Our usual Wednesday teacher had his last day on Sept. 10. Sigh… I really loved his class! Yesterday’s workout was still super fun though, so I was really glad for that. I’m hoping we get another great teacher to take his place.


toast with melted cheese and fruit

After the Gym I came home and made this… HEAVENLY. Seriously. Make it. NOW.

sautéing asian pear

First, sauté asian pear or thin apple slices in olive oil. Next, sprinkle a little bit of gorgonzola cheese on a slice of Ezekiel (non-toasted). Then, once the fruit slices are golden brown on each side, layer them over the gorgonzola, and add a slice of havarti on top. Place it under the broiler for a couple minutes until the cheese is nice and melty. Enjoy! I re-heated the rest of my morning coffee and enjoyed it with this snack/small meal.


taco salad homemade

A few hours later, I had lunch. Leftover’s from our taco night. Romaine, kidney beans, onions, ground beef, mexican blend cheese, and a few chippies crunched up on top + salsa verde. Mmm, mmm, good!


paige's favorite green smoothie

Ah, this smoothie was so refreshing in the middle of a hot day. This was one of the best Paige’s Favorite Green Smoothie’s” I have ever made… I don’t know if I was just really craving it, or what… But I did add a new ingredient to the original recipe – Greek Yogurt! Just about 1/2 cup. Oh, and that spill was definitely accidental. Ha!

dark chocolate

I also had a piece of dark chocolate. My bar is almost gone, so I’m savoring it :)


turkey burgers

Dinner was Turkey Burgers on honey wheat buns with a side of asparagus. Can’t wait to have leftovers today! I sautéed onions & mushrooms to add inside. So yummy… All of my food yesterday really hit the spot. This burger had: mayo, mustard, Organic ketchup, turkey burger, sautéed onions and mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, and romaine lettuce. I would’ve added avocado to the mix, but we wanted to save our one avo for tonights Indian Food. Mmm! That will be on the blog tomorrow :)

Healthy Hits the Spot Newsletter

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So, back to what we were talking about earlier, eliminating hurry. 

Who want’s to slow down with me today? How nice would it be to give someone your full attention today and not make them feel like there is somewhere more important that you should be or something more important that you should be doing? How much would this help us to feel calm, and have more patience?

Love, your Coach Paige

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Our Own Taco Tuesday

by healthyhitsthespot on September 17, 2014 · 5 comments

Good morning friends.

I hope you all slept well. I basically forced myself out of bed this morning. My bed was way too cozy. But now I have my coffee & my blog, and I’m good ;)



eggs and toast

Two over-medium eggs and Ezekiel toast with Kerrygold butter + coffee with Organic whole milk


botanical gardens hike

After breakfast, I worked for a while, and then the parents came over at 8:30 to walk with me at the Botanical Garden’s trail. I took this photo to show you the coast and Ventura, but to also show you how dry we are getting out here! Rain? Please? Those bushes are just a wildfire waiting to happen.

paige and dad hiking

Me and Dad :)



After our hike I wanted fruit and water. So, I drank a big ol’ glass of water and made a smoothie with the only fruit I had: one frozen banana. Inside: frozen banana, a little bit of plain greek yogurt, a little bit of milk, lots of water, a T of raw cacao, a T of chia seeds and a T of peanut butter. Pretty good! Oh, and ice cubes :)


leftover pasta soup

Lunch was leftover chicken & pasta soup. The last of it! So yummy :) I can’t believe how long this held me over. I must have eaten around 1:30 and it held me through dinner until 7:00.

Well, I guess there was one point where I was craving popcorn, but I was still working. I thought about making it and bringing it to my desk but then told myself “no way, we are not going to start that mindless habit.” Haha! So, I told myself I could take a break and have some popcorn but really, it wasn’t worth it to me (that’s how I know when I’m not hungry – I don’t want to take a break to eat mindfully). I planned to have it after dinner, but after dinner, I had lost my craving for it.


homemade beef tacos

Mmm-mmm-mmm were these good! We had our own little taco Tuesday at the Schmidt house (wow, weird to say it like that!).

Shopping Ingredients from TJ’s:

  • box of hard shell tacos
  • one lb. of grass fed (frozen) ground beef
  • one bag mexican blend shredded cheese
  • one organic tomato
  • one white onion
  • one bag organic romaine hearts
  • one jar salsa verde (green salsa)
  • one bag taco seasoning (you’ll only use half for one lb. of meat)
  • have one hand: salt and pepper

Get out a big ol’ pot, throw the frozen ground beef in there over medium high heat, cover it, and every couple of minutes separate the thawed parts of the meat from the frozen block with a fork (leave it all in the pot to cook). In no time, everything with be thawed and it will cook just right. Once it’s all thawed, add in your half packed of taco seasoning + S&P. Chop your veggies. Heat your oven or toaster oven to 425 and warm the hard shell tacos for 2-3 minutes. Put everything together, and enjoy!

I left the lettuce on the side mostly because I didn’t want to break the shells with too much stuffing. We added the lettuce as we ate. Oh, and I did put a dollop of plain greek yogurt on each plate to act as sour cream. Again, the Husband didn’t notice! Such a yummy dinner!

Pack leftovers

leftover dinner tacos to taco salad

After dinner, I opened a can of kidney beans, chopped some more lettuce and made us each a taco salad bowl for lunch the next day (today!). All we have to do today is crunch up a few chippies and add salsa to the top :)

Hope you’ll add these yummy tacos to your menu ideas for next week.

You know what I’m craving at the moment for next weeks menu plan? This Bolognese by Giada. Who loves Giada DeLaurentiis?


Love, your Coach Paige

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Dad’s Birthday Was A Hit!

by healthyhitsthespot on September 16, 2014 · 8 comments

Good morning everyone! We had so much fun last night for my Dad’s Birthday! Oh my… such a success!

Let me start off with the morning, and then jump right into the evening :)

Monday, Dad’s Birthday!


eggs and toast

Eggs and Ezekiel toast

Step @ 9:45 with my Dad!


leftover soup

Leftover pasta soup with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top


blenders smoothie

After lunch Marco and I went to the beach for a bit. We split a peanut butter Blender’s on the way :)

And now for the Birthday!

mom and dad enter party Dad walks in! Paparazzi!

happy dad

Happy Dad :-D

brophy brothers party

trophy borthers bread

trophy brothers selected menu

ventura ca harbor from brophy brothers

Ventura Harbor view right off the Brophy Brother’s Patio

mom and dad

My Mom and Dad

terry burton jr. and jinna

Brother Terry and Sister-n-law Jinna

chase and hannah

My Brother Chase and his friend Hannah

paige and marco

Two randoms that none of you know ;)

I have more photos of other family members, but I’ll keep this post to immediate fam.

trophy brothers calamari

Appetizer’s were Calamari and Clams

trophy brothers clams

salad brophy brothers

I started my Dinner with a side salad

seabass brophy brothers

For my dinner I chose Sea-bass which I was really hesitant to try. Why?

Because when we were in Catalina I had to swim with about one-million scary, staring, sea-bass!

dad opening camaro gift

After dinner we opened the best presents ever.

He got a Camaro for a week from my Mom, Aunt, and Uncle (one week rented).


He got a shirt to go with it “Muscle Cars… It’s a Burton Thing (you wouldn’t understand)”… Haha!

More presents will be shared later :)

happy birthday dad

To end the night, we sand Happy Birthday to my Dad and had dessert.

I didn’t have any room for dessert, so I skipped it.

We had so much fun visiting with everyone! It was a blast, and total success, Dad! I love you!

Enjoy your day everyone :)

Love, Paige

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Happy Birthday Dad and Grandpa Jimmy!

by healthyhitsthespot on September 15, 2014 · 6 comments

Good morning beauties :)

palermo coffee shop ventura ca

This weekend was very, very full. Which by the way, I’m so grateful for. I love it when your weekend feels long because you have so much to do.

Friday started off meeting with a couple of my girlfriends at Palermo. We met early, like 6:15.

la fitness ventura ca step class

After coffee I headed out to meet my Dad for my favorite Step II Class. I snuck a picture so I could share ;) I was one of the first one there – this class fills up!

While at class, I shared with my Dad about his Birthday plans! His Birthday is TODAY along with my new Grandpa-in-law’s. We celebrated Jimmy yesterday.

texts from my Dad

Right after class, this text was waiting for me :) This made me so happy because I now know how much it meant to my Dad for us to plan him such a special night. Tonight is going to be so fun! I’ll try and take so many photos and share tomorrow :)

We made reservations at Brophy Brothers in Ventura with 25 others. He’s turning 60, so we really wanted to celebrate him and make him feel special!


soul keeping john ortberg

Now into Saturday. Sat morning started off with meeting my friend Karen at Palermo for chai-tea. After tea, we went to a new book group that just started through our Church. The book we are reading is called “Soul Keeping.” I’ll let you all know how the book is. The group is what I am most excited about! To get connected with such a sweet group of women.

beth moore breaking free study

Another study I’m getting involved in is “Breaking Free” by Beth Moore. Anyone gone through this before? This one starts next Monday for me. I’m really excited to dig in.

sumo sushi in ventura ca seaweed salad

After the Soul Keeping group on Saturday morning I headed out to meet my cousin Holly for a Sushi date. We used to do this so much when I was younger. I got a seaweed salad to start. YUM! You must try one…!

sumo sushi ventura ca roll

For my roll, I chose a Caterpillar roll which was deeeeeelicious. Mmm-mmm good! I haven’t had sushi in so long. I’ve been deprived! Haha.

jim and robs fresh grill ventura ca turkey burger

I met up with Marco after lunch and we went to the beach together. He took his surfboard and surfed while I relaxed in the sun, and then we jumped in the water together for a while. It was so nice here in Ventura this weekend. After the beach, we went out to Fresh Grill in Ventura and got burgers. I got a turkey burger (they have my favorite turkey burger) and fries, which I shared with Marco.

After dinner we went home, did laundry together, and watched the movie “Surfwise” about the Paskowitz family that lived in trailers growing up (9 kids in a 24-food trailer). That was a really interesting movie.

homemade dinner

Sunday, after Church, we came home and I made us a home-cooked lunch. Lavash bread quesadilla’s with leftover cooked veggies stuffed inside + kale salad with peanut dressing. Our Church, by the way, is doing an awesome series called “It’s Complicated.” It’s about relationships, sex, and money. They sermons are about 27-30 minutes long if anyone is interested in hearing them. Click to the website so you can see their logo and everything and then search there name “Mission Church” Ventura in Podcasts.

yogurt in a cup

After lunch, Marco fell asleep for a while and I got hungry from cleaning our house. I made myself yogurt in a cup. Plain greek yogurt, honey, sliced strawberries, and gluten-free granola on top. This was a bit too big, so I saved some and threw it into a fruit smoothie later on in the day (this worked great!).

fruit smoothie

My fruit smoothie had strawberries, frozen banana, leftover yogurt, and water. It was yummy! I sipped part of it in the early evening and the rest later on at night when I wanted something sweet.

hawaiian party marco and paige

Later in the evening we went over to Aunt Leslie’s house to Celebrate my new Grandpa-in-law’s Birthday! He’s 66!

homemade mojito hawaiian party

He made us homemade mojito’s to celebrate. And yes, that is a woman on a pole, haha! He’s always got jokes for us.

dinner hawaiian style

For dinner we had in-friggin-credible Hawaiian BBQ’d chicken, rice with pineapple, pineapple salad, grilled pineapple, and Hawaiian rolls. Pineapple!


For dessert I had pineapple greek yogurt (ice cream style) and a chocolate covered macadamia nut from Hawaii (they just took a trip).

To end the night, Marco and I watched another Netflix Movie. We love Netflix!

Today is now both my Dad and Grandpa Jimmy’s Birthday. Happy Birthday to both of you! Now, it’s time to Celebrate my sweet papa-dad! I’m going to Step with him this morning, and am eagerly awaiting his Birthday that we’ve been planning all week! :)

I’ll be back tomorrow. Sending you all tons of hugs.

Love, your Coach Paige

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