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Finally Free Girl Talk

This is just for you, ladies!

You are invited.

This Sunday, all those who are signed up HERE will be getting mine & Sim’s free 30-minute recording.

We’re chatting about eating intuitively for ENERGY. We could all use some extra energy, right?

When we listen to our minds, we may be cutting ourselves short of the energy that’s available to us.

But, when we listen to our bodies, we are opened up to a whole world of the energy that’s available to us.

And when we’re in our ENERGY, or, our POWER, we do a better job of showing up in the world. For our families, our careers, our passions, our friends…

We owe it to ourselves.

On this call, Sim and I will guide you toward your highest ENERGY, as we answer the TOP THREE ways that women get confused listening to their bodies.

We’ll teach you how to decipher between your minds voice (your “should” voice) and your bodies voice (where our intuition lives).

When you begin listening to your body, you will feel more connection, harmony, and peace with food.

Join us for free.

You’ll be able to listen on your own time. We know you’ve got a lot going on. We all do. Sign-up, and listen to our 30-minute recorded call this week while you’re cooking, getting ready for the day, or while you’re on the elliptical.

We can’t wait to share with you!

Invite your girl friends! 

We love you.


Paige & Sim


Even If You Want Your Body to Change, Start Loving Her Now

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dont wait to love yourself until you lose weight

Morning ladies… Today we’re going to talk about loving your body now, even if you still want to lose weight. Many woman who do want to see a change in their bodies have a hard time doing the things that will allow them to love themselves more fully now, because they feel like by doing so, they’re somehow letting go of the weight-loss (or whatever the change may be) that’s to come.

This feels so true for them, and I’ve even felt it myself. It’s a hard feeling. A real struggle.

I’m not here to deny that struggle, but what I am here to say, is that it’s just not true that we can’t enjoy our current selves on the journey toward change… We need to learn how to love our bodies and ourselves now if we ever want to love ourselves fully another way.

Here are several reasons why:

1. When we already feel good, we want to continue feeling good, and will make more choices in alignment with our desire to feel good

2. When we feel bad, we usually make choices that keep us stuck in feeling bad

3. You might not ever be satisfied with your weight-loss, especially if you’re not accepting of yourself now

4. We cannot punish ourselves toward healing (what kind of healing would that be?) 

5. If you’re going to do something, you may as well enjoy it

6. You should not waste another moment not loving yourself (this needs no explanation)

Do you need to wear clothes that honor your current body? Do you need to start eating intuitively, now? Do you need to hire someone to help and support you? Do you need to aim for that promotion right now? Is it that you need to be able to look in the mirror, and smile at yourself, starting today? Or, do you need to begin eating like you love and want to honor yourself now? Which, is basically just eating in a way that allows you to feel good, because you deserve to feel good… Do you need to start giving the people you love your undivided attention? What is it that you need?

love your body and yourself now

Some of the things that I personally had to do to start loving myself more fully, were:

Letting go of the need to lose weight. I had to acknowledge that the *only thing* I had control over, and the only thing I was actually in charge of was loving my body, being kind to her, helping her to relax, have fun, and really find joy in life… and of course, treat her like I loved her with my food and movement… and that it was completely up to my body to decide how she wanted to look once I did that. Basically, I made actions that showed my body I liked/loved/honored/respected her, began to really believe it, and then the changes came as my body needed them to. I let go of my own outcomes, and just started doing what felt good, each day.

Simple things I did: I gave myself full permission to buy that latte, and I’d order a small (this would change time to time, FYI – I’m remembering one experience specifically, when I was really struggling with permission to eat what I wanted) because I knew I’d drink a small more slowly than a large, and I knew that I’d feel honored by very calmly having exactly what I’d wanted. Same with other food I used to think I “shouldn’t” have.

I also started doing what felt good in terms of moving my body day to day. I became okay with the fact that my body needed change and didn’t want to do the same vigorous exercise each day. I become friends with walking, stretching, step… and all other forms of exercise that I knew would feel good and honoring to my body. I let her decide each day what she wanted to do.

I also started dressing the way that I wanted to. I wore clothes that were comfortable, and honored the way my body was right then. I wore clothes that brought me joy. Ones that I felt bright, light, and happy in.

I started to talk to myself, and ask myself what I wanted to do, what I needed, and what would ultimately bring me joy.

I began to think of the long-term and short-term effects of my choices. I used to be a very impulsive, instant gratification type person. At this point, I began to think of how my choices would make me feel later, and I began caring for my “future self,” as I still say to this day. I would choose to do things that would set up my “future self” (my self that would be still living, feeling, and breathing for the rest of today, tonight, tomorrow, next week, and a year from now) to feel her best.

I’m talking in past tense, because I’m referring to the beginning of my journey with intuitive living. But, to be clear, I still do all of these things today. 

So, I’m curious, in what ways do you need to love yourself more? If you have any other questions or comments on this at all, I’d love to hear. Leave a comment. 

It’s worth it, ladies. Love yourselves more fully right now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not once xyz happens. Right now.

Give yourself a slow smile to start yourselves off, and really feel that joy in your face, down to your heart, and all throughout your body.



P.S. Before you go, sign-up for mine & Simi’s free Girl Talk. We’re sending out the recording this Sunday. We’re chatting about how to be the highest version of yourselves, while eating intuitively and learning to listen to your body > your mind. You don’t want to miss it. It’s another step toward loving yourselves.

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Break Away from Binge Eating and Find Freedom with Food

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Hello everyone! Today is going to be a bit of a different topic, and I think many of you will be able to relate. I am going to share the story of one of my clients, and how she was able to break away from binge eating and find freedom with food.

break free from binge eating

For the sake of her privacy, we’ll call her “A.” Just a disclaimer, A encouraged to share her story to help others. I received 100% permission to share this story with you today. I would never share something regarding a client without the full permission and comfort of my client. If you’d like to see more stories that my clients are willing to share, you can view my testimonies page. I’ll link to that page at the end of this post.

If you read my story, you will know that I also struggled with binge eating before I started eating intuitively and trusting my body. I have shared how I overcame bingeing, and I now would like to bring in other stories of girls who have overcome this as well.

When A first enrolled in my six-month program, she was bingeing multiple times per week. As I talked with A more, I realized that she was using food emotionally: as a source of comfort and numbing effect. Something that I learned at IIN: we as people need to feel fulfilled in what is called “primary foods”. Some of these include: relationships, career, education, and health. I go into depth with these primary foods in my private sessions. When these are out of balance, we then will likely turn to other things that our bodies might believe will fill those gaps, whether it be food, alcohol, drugs, or many other sources of false comfort. The most frustrating thing for A was that bingeing made her feel awful-she was gaining weight, embarrassed to attend social activities (which she would normally love doing), felt sick and miserable after each binge, and felt trapped in a horrible cycle of bingeing and promises to never binge again. All of these emotions were kept to herself, because she was ashamed. She thought that people would react by simply saying, “just don’t eat the food!”

As I worked with A to overcome bingeing, we began to focus on doing things that would bring her happiness and fulfillment that would eventually crowd out the bingeing. Note that this did not happen overnight. It takes time for your body to trust that it does not need this false, temporary sense of emotional comfort. It takes time to be able to listen to your body intuitively and know what it truly wants rather than what it thinks it wants. This is why Simi and I designed our program, Finally Free, to expand over weeks. Each week brings new goals to work towards; it is definitely not a quick fix! Just like in a new relationship, it takes time and effort to build trust. Some examples that truly helped A feel happier and more fulfilled included meditating each morning, doing fun things with friends that she could look forward to, booking trips to see new places, writing down each day things she was thankful for, and planning out each day to include self care and reflection. Each person will be different, but A knew that for the time being, she could not change some things in her life that were making her unhappy. Instead, she added in these extra things that would bring her happiness to take the focus away from emotional eating. Does this make sense?

The true key to finding freedom from bingeing for A was taking risks and finally going after what made her feel fulfilled. Do you remember my post, “What I Realized While in NYC”? I talked about all the things in my life I wouldn’t have done if I had let fear get in my way. A also realized this, and it was the final piece to overcoming bingeing. While working with A, I found out that she was living in a location she felt like she did not belong or fit in with, was in school for a career she had no desire to be in, and felt like she was in a rut of doing the same things each day. Girls, remember how I mentioned that we need to be fulfilled in our “primary foods”? A definitely was not feeling fulfilled! She knew what she wanted and could imagine the life she wanted to live, but was too hesitant to change. It is scary to leave something of safety for the unknown, even if we know it is best for us.

Fun fact: a year ago, A planned a trip to a place she had always wanted to visit (this was one of her goals throughout our sessions that she could look forward to). She began saving money, and planning things to do during her trip. It was one of the things that shifted her focus away from bingeing! When A finally went on her trip (and I got to meet her in person for the first time!), she fell in love with everything about the state and knew that this was where she belonged and “fit in”. In fact, she told me that in one year, she would be living there. Now, at the time, she had no clue how this could even happen, she was in still in school and would have no support moving across the country. But she had a clear vision of the life she wanted, and no longer let fear stop her from pursuing that life. And she used that determination to make it happen, and in the process, the bingeing diminished until she no longer even thought about food at night (this was when she binged).

As she worked toward shifting her life to one she wanted, her body no longer felt that it needed the emotional comfort from food. In one year exactly, A moved across the country by herself, completely changed careers, and is now doing things she loves. She feels surrounded by people she connects with, is working towards a career she loves, and is living in the place she describes as her “soul city”.

Now, I realize that this is may be an extreme example of fulfilling those primary foods, but the point is that when she stopped letting fear get in the way of what she knew would make her happy, her body began to trust her and feel content without emotionally eating. Of course, not everything can always be perfect. A had to make sacrifices, and it is incredibly hard changing everything. There are still worries in life, and it is stressful making huge life decisions. But, her body knows that she does not need the emotional fulfillment of food. She can now enjoy a dessert without being terrified of turning it into a binge. She has returned to her outgoing personality, because she’s no longer ashamed of herself. She has found freedom from bingeing, and in the process created a life she loves. Working through a difficult process, such as overcoming bingeing, takes time and effort. She would sit down and make goals for herself, planned activities she knew she would enjoy, and stepped outside her comfort zone continuously. But, as she said, every step was well worth the effort.

To see more stories like this, click here.

If this story doesn’t make you feel emotional, I don’t know what will… My gosh… It brings me to tears, because I remember exactly what all of this feels like from my own past… I know there will be a number of you girls who strongly relate… If you have anyone in your life who you think might relate to this, please share it with them… This is one of those stories that many people need to see.

My dear friend and partner in Finally Free, Simi, and I are hosting a FREE “Girl Talk” this Sunday. And for your convenience, we’re going to pre-record the call and inbox it to you instead of making you call in live. Live calls just don’t work for everyone. We for sure know that we’re listening-to-the-recording gals. We’re busy! And so are you.

So, sign-up HERE, and listen to our 30-minute call this Sunday (or any day during the week) while you’re cooking, exercising, or getting ready. There’s literally no excuse to miss out – you’ll love it. Xo!

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Feeling Burnt Out, Exhausted, or Just Plain Unmotivated?

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Morning girls! How’d you all sleep? Did you see yesterday’s post where I talked about stomach bloating? It was much loved. Second round of biz, did you sign-up for Girl Talk?

burnt out

Today I want to chat about feeling burt out, exhausted, or just plain unmotivated. We all feel it from time to time, right? It’s normal, and also, there’s something we can do about it.

We all agree that it doesn’t feel great, right? If I ever feel unmotivated, or burnt out, it feels a bit like I’m dragging. Is that what it feels like to you? Usually, I want to get out of the feeling as quickly as possible.

When I’m feeling this way, one of several things are usually going on, and it’s helps me to check in with myself, and correct course. Hopefully you’ll be able to relate, and will feel inspired today to make a change for the better today.

1. Your priorities are off

This is number one for a reason. I find, and I know many of you will find, that when my priorities are off, life feels off. Right?

What are your priorities? If it helps, make a list. It doesn’t have to be in order. Write down the things you feel like you need to do, people you love, things that bring you joy, etc… Write it all down… No structure, no holding back, just scribble. Now, circle the ones that bring you joy. Those are likely your top priorities.

Next, look for the things that you can ask for help with. When asking for help, trust me when I say: (1) there is someone out there who CAN do it better than you, and this is a GOOD thing, and (2) even if someone doesn’t do something JUST the way that you’d do it, that’s okay. It’s still worth it to ask for help and give a simple thank you (not a correction — I’m totally preaching to myself here, too). It’s good to not do everything on your own.

And last, look at your top 3-5 priorities. Remember these as you’re planning your weeks, or just going through your day.

2. You’ve been at it non-stop

What have you been doing non-stop lately? Working? Exercising? Hey, could be something like watching TV! Doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, if you’re spending way more time on one single thing than you are on anything else, chances are, you’re simply just spending too much time on that one thing.

3. Sleep isn’t going so well

Well, since Arianna Huffington did a whole TED Talk on sleep, we now know that it’s really important. 😉 She basically said that if you want to success, you need to sleep more. She actually said we should all be “sleeping our way to the top,” which made me laugh… But really, no matter how simple this is, it’s true!

Many times when we’re burnt out or low on energy (make sure you’re signed-up for Girl Talk if this is you!) we need more REST. And not just any rest, but intentional rest. Like, taking a nap mid day instead of drinking a second cup of coffee and running to the grocery store. Or, closing up shop instead of trying to work for 3 more hours tonight even though your brain will only be capable of completing 30 minutes of work in those hours. Take the break. Put the to-do’s away. Rest.

4. Favorites are missing form your day to day

What are those little joys in your life? Those little things that make you happy each day? Is it setting the coffee to go off in the AM? Going to a coffee shop most weekdays and socializing while you get your coffee? (Why am I talking only about coffee?) Is it having music playing throughout the house.. Having candles lit. Taking long baths at the end of the day. Reading? Going out to dinner? Meeting friends? Helping someone and feeling appreciated?

Think about these little joys. Usually when we get into go-go-go phases, our little joys fall to the side. We think “Yea, that’s great and all, but I don’t have the time for that right now. Maybe next week.” ERK. Stop right there. When we’re the MOST busy is probably the time we need those little joys more than ever.

So, notice the things that bring you the most joy, and try building those back into your routine one at a time.

5. You’re living in your cozy clothes

Oh man, I love my cozy clothes! I know many people who work from home and say they work from their PJ’s, and while I can’t quite do that (would I ever start working?), I do love un-done hair, no makeup, and workout clothes. If it didn’t leave me feeling a wee-bit unmotivated after too many days of gym clothes, I’d probably never leave them.

There’s gotta be a balance here, right? I mean, I don’t want to get fully ready EVERY day, I think that would leave me feeling just as burnt out (agree?). But, sometimes when I’m feeling this low-energy kinda dragging state, I’ll check in and ask myself the last time I got dressed up. Usually, it’ll have been a while. Getting all ready usually puts a little “pep in my step.” What about you? Can you relate?

6. You’re falling for the BUSY trap

Ever have the intention of resting, only to find yourself doing one task to another? It might go a little like this: “Oh, I’ll just pick these clothes up right here. Oh, yea, and that dresser needs to be dusted. Oh, and while I’m dusting this dresser, I guess I’ll dust the bedroom and then the living room, and whoops, need to remember to wash this rug…” The spiral keeps going and next thing we know “Whoops! No more rest for me.”

I can relate to this with cleaning, and maybe you can too, or, perhaps there’s something else in your life that keeps you busy in just the same way.

What is it that your busy trap (remember, mine is cleaning, yours could be something else) is keeping you from? Is it keeping you from resting? Spending quality time with someone you love? This could be a key in what’s got you feeling stuck. Let go of that busy trap for a night by simply denying it. This might sounds like “Oh, there you are BT. Nope, not tonight. I know that one second of my attention turns into 20 minutes.” How does it feel?

A note on the busy trap for those of us who work from home (& even if you don’t you’ll probably be able to relate!). How often are you checking your email? Facebook? Social Media? STOP. Give yourself a limit. It will all get done. Instead of checking your email every 20-minutes (or even more draining, every time something comes in), make a goal to check it 3 or 4 times a day. If that sounds CRAZY to you, then just start by noticing how often you’re checking email/SM right now, and be intentional about doing it less. This will allow you to focus on one thing at a time, be MORE productive, and get your work done much more efficiently.

Now, share your ideas too. I’m sure there are SO many more things that leave us feeling unmotivated, this is only my perspective. I would love to hear yours – what do YOU do when you’re feeling burnt out? Could you relate to any of the above? What else makes you feel burnt out?

Before you go, make sure you’ve entered your name & email into the Girl Talk form. This is for all HHTS readers. The simple recording is coming our THIS Sunday, and hey, if you’re feeling burnt out, then talking about standing in your highest energy will be great for you! Right? Sign-up now.




These Things May Be Causing You Stomach Bloating

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Hi girls! Good-morning to you. I hope you had a restful weekend. Today, I’m here to chat with you about stomach bloating. I’ve made a few YouTube video’s in the past (those of you on my VIP list know this, because you received them as they came out), and one of them was on stomach bloat.

This video is the most viewed video I have… So I know this is an issue for many of us. Plus, I know first hand how FRUSTRATING stomach bloating is…

Let me start by sharing that for SO MANY YEARS, I could not make my stomach bloating disappear. I would think long and hard about how to get rid of it.

Years later, now having slim to zero stomach bloating episodes, I’ve figured out that personally, the reasons for my stomach bloating were SO much more simple than I ever thought they were.

I used to think my bloating was from the “big stuff” (that maybe you’ve all thought yourself)… Like, a dairy intolerance, gluten intolerance, sugar intolerance, and back around the circle again.

I thought all that bloating FOR SURE meant that I had a food allergy, or something was wrong. This is the number one thing I’d bring up when I was around seemingly healthy people… “And do you ever get bloated? WHAT DO YOU DO?” And basically, whatever those healthy people did, I’d try.

While this could definitely be true for some people, that you have a food allergy, the purpose of today’s post is to write about what I HAVEN’T seen online before, and those are the simple things that cause bloating, which we rarely give our attention to.

I think you’ll be surprised by the #1 thing that I found to give me stomach bloating, because if you’ve been following for more than two years, you know that this used to be one of my FAVORITE foods.

stomach bloat

The simpler things in life that I’ve found to cause stomach bloating:


Yep. My old fav. Through the many years I tried getting rid of my stomach bloat, I never took LARABARS out of my diet, because they’re dairy free, gluten free, and hey, the sugar is natural so, HECK NO I wasn’t taking that out too (when I’d removed other processed sugars).

Once I went full-time as a Health Coach (I worked out of the house 72+ hours per week before), the purchasing of LARABARS slowed waaaaaay down. I didn’t feel the need for as many little snacks through the day. Instead, I naturally became more of a 3 meals per day type of gal (and no, eating little bits through the day does not give me bloating – hehe).

Well, with LARABARS out, my stomach bloating was out too. It was basically as SIMPLE as this. The crazy part? I’ve shared this with several of my clients in conversation, and by personal choice they removed LARABARS (& other forms of meal bars too), and their bloating… GONE.

So, basically, if you deal with stomach bloating day in and day out, and you’re a fan of eating bars on the go, you might want to take a little break, and see how that goes. Instead, eat a full breakfast, a full lunch, and bring a smoothie while you’re out to have in that time between lunch and dinner… Which brings me right on into my next point…

2) Waiting too long to eat between meals

Before, it was never a surprise when I’d get bloated. I would wake up feeling fine, and knew that at some point during the day I’d be bloated. Well, with my stomach bloating basically gone from not eating LB’s and other snack bars regularly, I began to notice the simpler things that would cause the bloating to return.

Waiting too long to eat between meals was one of those things.

I’m a believer in waiting to eat until you’re hungry. I think this helps your food to taste better (than ever!) and it helps you to more easily register when you’re full. With a signal to begin, there will be a signal to end, as Geneen Roth taught me. That being said, I began to notice that when that hunger would hit, and I’d still have to wait another hour or so to eat (say, I was going out with the family) I’d often end up with a bloaty belly.

In short, empty bellies produce gas. Gas produces bloating. Kinda like a gas tank, right? When all the gas is gone, you’re left with just fumes. Let her get hungry, but not 100% empty.

3) Clothing that is too tight 

This was actually a recently learned experience. I was going through my clothes, getting ready to donate the old as I often do… I tried on an olllllld pair of jeans that I thought I’d donated a while back. Nope, they were right there. I put them on, and they buttoned. So, I decided that they were cute, and I’d wear them. Let me just said, they were a little too tight for comfort when I’d sit. I think they needed to be donated with my other age 16 jeans. Ha!

I wore them out anyway, convinced that they were too cute not to wear, and felt pretty miserable for the entire night. Having that constant tightness around my belly made my stomach super bloated and uncomfortable. Never again. You can go for cuteness and comfort at the same time. Don’t wear clothing that is too tight just because it’s cute, because if you end up bloated and uncomfortable in the end, it’s not going to be as fun as you were thinking.

4) Eating past my point of satisfaction

This one is a little more obvious right? If you’re eating out, and you eat way past your fullness, there’s probably going to be some sort of ache going on in that belly of yours. Whether you’ll get a plain stomach ache, a “food coma” feeling, or some bloating, we’re not sure. But this never feels good.

Start to trust that you can have any food that you want, and eat that food in a way that feels good. Go for better ingredients, better restaurants, better groceries, and eat amazingly tasty food. Eating food that tastes GOOD allows you to stop when you’re full more often. Why? Because you’ll start to rest assured knowing that you’re a person who is fed well and good regularly.

On the other hand, if you’re eating bland boring food 6 days of week, of course, on that 7th “cheat day” as people call it, you’re going to go crazy-feeling when you see flavorful foods such as ice cream, pizza, or pasta. Right? You’ll feel like you never want to stop – and hey, you don’t have to! Just start eating those foods regularly with upgraded ingredients that will nourish, love, and honor that beautiful body of yours.

5) Awaiting the stomach bloat

This is a simple one that I can see now, many years later, affected me. In the Desire Map, Danielle LaPorte suggests that whatever you focus on expands. In this case, quite literally, this was true for me (haha!). In the days of my most extreme bloating (note, I was trying gluten free, so you better believe I was also eating those LB’s like no tomorrow) I was so afraid of feeling bloated, that I almost didn’t want to eat. And when I did, I’d be so anxious, that I’d basically inevitably get a stomachache.

Now, that being said, I was eating a ton of LB’s, which I now know give me bad tummy pains. And even so, thinking and stressing on whether or not I’d get bloated from any one food didn’t help at all, and in fact, robbed me of joy, too. I’m SURE some of you can relate.

6) Eating while anxious

This one pretty much ties into the previous one. I talked about this in my video too. But, when we eat while stressed, our bodies primary focus isn’t going to be on digesting our food. Her primary focus is going to be on your stress, and how to calm you down. Think of a baby, or a dog, and how they STARE at you when you’re stressed, or something URGENT seeming is going on. They’re dead set on you, right? They’re like “what the heck is going on right now?” They’re not interested in anything else. That’s kinda like your belly when you’re super stressed. So, get to a CALM place before you eat. Whether you’re stressed over the food, or the situation, if you’re going to eat, you may as well get to a calm place first, otherwise, you’ll probably gonna to be sitting with a not so pretty belly ache afterwards.

My goal here is to raise some simpler reasons for bloating that we often don’t think about. 

Was this post helpful? I HOPE so! If you have a friend who might relate (aka, she’s always talking about her bloated belly), share this with her. She’ll be forever grateful if something here ends up working for her. 

Want to add to this conversation? Do you deal with belly bloating? Let me know. What things do you notice cause you stomach bloating? Comment below. Other people love getting to read your input.




P.S. Oh my goodness! And I almost forgot to share, but Simi & I are sending out “GIRL TALK No. 2″ this Sunday! Make SURE you’re signed-up, especially if you related to this post. We’re going to be talking about how to listen to your body > your mind (super important, esp. with bloating).

Help us out by sharing our link with your best girls, too >> Xo. 


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