Impress Your Friends With This Dinner

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Hey y’all! Good morning to you.

There are 10 DAYS until the Wedding. I’m feeling peaceful after an emotional morning. Not the cold feet kind of emotions (not that at all); more like the kind where you feel super sensitive to anything anyone says/does (not Marco either, haha — he’s been my helper through this time). I’m telling you, this is a happy/sensitive time for girl!

Let’s get into yesterdays eats plus an amazing dinner recipe. Rodney and Marco approved!



Cereal mix: granola, toasted oatmeal flakes, shredded spoonfuls, slivered almonds, blueberries, and almond milk.


coffee and clif bar

After breakfast I went flower shopping for the Wedding. When I was done, I stopped by my Mom’s house to take a coffee break. I enjoyed a Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bar with my coffee.


beans and carne asada

This is just about the ugliest lunch I’ve ever had, but… I had to take a photo. Sorry! Haha. I had a small bowl of beans with carne asada before I left Mom & Dad’s house. All homemade :)


breakfast burrito

Not too long after the beans (maybe 2 hours) I was making Marco a breakfast burrito (he sleeps late on Mondays) and discoverd that there was enough for me to have one some too. So, I enjoyed an afternoon meal with him before getting our Marriage License, running errands and going to the Gym.

healthy hits the spot instagram

Wow, that’s blurry! See it on my instagram.

After the Gym, we went swimming with our friend Rodney and I made us all dinner.


mahi mahi and flounder recipe

Harvest Grains, Baby Broccoli, Flounder, and Mahi Mahi. This was on last weeks Meal Plan, but we never got to it so it carried itself on over to this weeks Meal Plan.

Harvest Grains: cook as directed on the Trader Joe’s bag (easy!)

Baby Broccoli: sauté with small pours of water/olive oil plus minced garlic, sliced onion and sprinkled salt and pepper (I used a little bit of water and covered it to get it to steam a bit and cook through) 

Flounder: cooked as directed in the oven. Seasoned with olive oil, butter, and garlic. Heavenly! Made the mixture by mixing olive oil, then butter, and garlic in a small pot over low heat. Poured over the fish mid-way through cooking it… Smelled soooooo good. 

Mahi Mahi: seasoned the same as above on the George Forman Grill. 

Rodney told me to write that he APPROVED! Really, it’s GOOD!

Petite Treat


Finished off the last of my Talenti. Enjoyed it straight out of the container because let’s face it, the container was pretty and I was going to eat what was left. This was heavenly :) I’ve babied this one container for a while now.

Alrighty y’all! Well, tonight Marco and I are having toast with split pea soup and tuna. The one that I said “don’t knock it ’til you try it!” Come back tomorrow to see what the heck I’m talking about :)

Love, Paige

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Last Week Til’ Wedding Vacation

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Hey Y’all! Good morning!

So, this is the last work week until the Wedding. Which means, the last week of Wedding To-Do’s and the last week with Clients. Then I’m on vacation for two weeks, and we’re GETTIN’ MARRIED!

This week:

  • Monday — Flower Appointment, Marriage License
  • Tuesday — Marco and I teeth cleaning (hehe)
  • Wednesday — Final Wedding Appointment w/ Venue and Final Dress Fitting
  • Friday — On Vacation!

I made this weeks Meal Plan simple because my ultimate goal is to enjoy Marco, our last 11 Days just Engaged, and to have fun with the Wedding Planning. Stress, you’re not invited. This is all fun!

Meal Plan items:

  • Baby Broccoli, Mahi Mahi, Harvest Grains (didn’t get to this last week)
  • Grilled Paninis
  • Veggie/Shrimp Stir Fry
  • Split Pea Soup w. Toast & Tuna (don’t knock it til’ you try it!)

And of course, if there is any day that we’d rather eat out, that’s fine by me. Like I said, number one goal these next two weeks, HAVE FUN and stress over nothing <– every detail/worry that could come up is small in comparison to the way we will be united on August 1st.

I’m happy to report that I’m feeling excited, relaxed, and at total peace. I don’t feel like it needs to rush to get here and at the same time I’m extremely excited for the day and Honeymoon.

Here are some photos from this weekend :)

photo 1

Marco & I got bugers and shared a salad at Bombay’s! Best Burgers in Ventura.

photo 2

Mine was a veggie burger with grilled onions, a veggie patty, and bleu cheese crumbles. Ah. Heavenly.

photo 3

After our burger date we walked around Downtown and landed ourselves at the Tavern for Ashten’s Birthday!

photo 4

The next day, Saturday, Marco left bright and early for his Bachelor Party. They had FUN! :-D

I went to my Momma’s house that day, wrapped up some Wedding details, and hit the grocery store to prep for my Sister staying the night. Flowers, Breakfast (Greek Yogurt, Granola, Blueberries), and Coffee :) Oh, and Goat Cheese + crackers, which we never got to.

photo 5

My Mom, Sister, Aunts, and Cousin came over and dressed me up. I told them that I wasn’t going to wear it through the night because it was Marco’s night to shine ;) But, we did snap a photo.

We had so much fun. We sat around my house, drank wine, talked for hours, walked to dinner at Nature’s Grill, and talked some more. Then at night, my Sister stayed the night with me and we layer in bed talking for 2 hours.

photo 2

My Sister and I walking to Nature’s Grill with the fam!

photo 3
At Nature’s Grill I got my favorite! Veggie Quesadilla with no cheese + a side salad with Tahini. I gave that sour cream away too. I’ve been limiting dairy as I’ve felt I’ve needed too, but haven’t taken it out 100%. I’m feeling good about this. Belly, mood… the whole deal happens when I have too much.

Jinna and I woke up Sunday morning and went with Dad to Step Class, and then had breakfast at our parents house. Dad made us AWESOME breakfast burritos! Marco came home around 3:30, and is still sleeping now ;) My boy… Haha.

Alrighty everyone! I’m off to get dressed and head to our flower appointment! Today looks somewhat like this: work, Wedding, work, Wedding, work, Gym. Enjoy your day :)

Love, Paige

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Meal Plan #4: Quinoa, Kale, and Chicken Sausage

by healthyhitsthespot on July 18, 2014 · 3 comments

Good afternoon all!

Today has been full of moving. I think this is the first time I’ve sat down, other than breakfast.

My day started with a Step II Class with my Dad. After class, I went for a 2 hour walk around and around downtown Ventura and to the beach. I stopped for a soy-latte too, all while chatting with my sweet friend Simi on the phone.

It’s kind of fun that I’m getting here later today, because now I get to share with you yesterdays eats and a bit of today’s. Usually, you don’t see my Friday eats since I don’t post on Saturdays.

always ashten with healthy hits the spot

Yesterday started with a one hour beach walk with a Client of mine (Always Ashten), whose Birthday Party I get to be apart of tonight! Of course, soy lattes for the walk :)



Breakfast was this handful of blueberries, and then…

breakfast scramble

This scramble (eggs, potato, bell pepper, onion, spinach, and pepper plant), and then…

toast with jelly

This small piece of toast with Strawberry Jelly.

Story: I started making breakfast (scramble) and realized we only had 1 egg. That wasn’t going to work for me, so I grabbed a handful of blueberries, ran down the market and bought eggs. I came home, made my scramble and wanted toast with it, but *thought* the eggs with potato would be enough. After I finished, I still wanted toast/jelly so I made a small piece :) 

ventura beach

Do you see how beautiful the beach was yesterday? View from our balcony.


green smoothie

For lunch I made a Green Smoothie with added blueberries and strawberries. So yummy!


carrot stick

In the afternoon I cut up lot’s veggies and lettuce that I had in my fridge. If I don’t prep it, I won’t use it! I snacked on  one carrot stick and one celery with peanut butter as I was chopping everything up

celery and peanut butter

I got off work early yesterday, 3:00pm. Two of my Clients rescheduled, and it gave me a great break in the day. At 3:00, Marco and I went to the Gym together, and then came home and went to the pool with friends. Around 6:30/7:00 we came back home and I made us such a yummy dinner!


Kale quinoa and chicken sausage

Kale, Quinoa, and Chicken Sausage (#4 on this weeks Meal Plan)in a large pot, sauté onions, garlic, and sliced bell pepper. Add an entire bag of chopped kale and cover. Once the kale cooks down, add in pre-cooked slice organic chicken sausages (thanks Maria!). Once everything has cooked together (and cooked down a lot) add in pre-cooked/warmed quinoa. Mix everything together, add sea-salt and pepper, and ENJOY! (Season as you’d like)

I couldn’t wait to have leftovers of this today!


movie snack

As we watched Weed’s last night, I really wanted a crunchy snack. First thought was chips & salsa, second thought was “oh! You cut up all of those fresh crunch veggies!” So, I went with the 2nd and was totally happy :)

Onto today!


eggs and toast

At 6:30 this morning I had eggs & toast with Marco.

I went to Step II at 8:30 with Dad.


leftover dinner

At 10:00 when I got home I had leftovers from last night. So friggin’ good!

After this, I walked for two hours while on the phone with my friend Simi.


paige's favorite green smoothie

I came home, showered off, and made a Green Smoothie with added Blueberries. Yum!

That’s all I’ve got for you today! Tonight, Marco and I are going on a dinner date before Ashten’s Birthday! I think we’ll land ourselves at Lure, where I’ll oder sautéed spinach, seared Ahi, and a potato cake. Ah, I can’t wait!

I’ll see you all here Monday :)

Love, Paige

Follow me on instagram @healthyhitsthespot through the weekend :)

P.S. from today, there are exactly two weeks until our Wedding! 14 DAYS!


Off The Meal Plan Panini’s

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Good morning all!

I’m up early getting work done before I have an early Client Session/walk :)



Cereal with almond milk, blueberries, and slivered almonds


After breakfast I went to a Step Class where I met my Dad and we got our booties kicked. Notice: I get my booty kicked every Wednesday. He’s (Anthony) is such an awesome teacher!

grapefruit and chocolate

When I got home, I had a Grapefruit with a sliver of dark chocolate


I thought I would be hungry after my first Session for lunch, but really, I wasn’t hungry enough yet. So, I had one banana to carry me through another 1.5 hours


breakfast bagel sandwich

When it came time for lunch around 1:30 I had exactly what I knew I was craving. A breakfast bagel sandwich with eggs & avocado. Normally, I would kill to have cheese on this baby but I knew I was already going to want cheese with dinner. So, I skipped it. Balance :)

how to scoop your bagel

I also knew that I wouldn’t feel so good if I ate the whole bagel, plus, to be honest, I don’t like how bread-y they are. I can’t taste anything but the bagel when it’s so doughy. So, I scooped! Knife around the outside, knife around the inside and pull! After it’s toasted of course — be careful, it’s full o’ steam!


As I was cooking I snacked on these blueberries.

half cookie

I wrapped up my delicious, delicious lunch with half a cookie that Mom made for the 4th of July — savoring them!


Lunch held me over well through dinner. Dinner was just as satisfying, and exactly what I wanted

turkey panini

Grilled Panini’s for Marco and I. Ah! So good! Marco had a CPR Class last night, so I didn’t think he would be eating with me. But, he did. When I made his he took one bite and let out a big “uuumph” as to say “yuuuuuumm!”

Grilled Chicken Panini: sourdough bread, mayo/mustard, sliced chicken deli meat, havarti cheese, tomato, artichoke hearts, and onion.

Oh, and those are two ridge cut chips that I stuck on my plate for some crunch/taste. :)

grilled vegetables

I grilled the artichoke hearts & onion before putting them on the sandwich.

Who else loves Panini’s?


red wine

After Marco left for his class I had some relaxing/Wedding time. I put together my Bridesmaids Gifts (I’ll show them to you all after the Wedding when I can show Wedding photos), had a glass of wine, and listened to Pandora.

what a wonderful world

What A Wonderful World came on. It really set the mood :)

driver photo

Only 2 more weeks until this man because my Husband, and I become his Wife. We are tying the knot August 1st.

I’m soaking up every moment I have left as his Fiance. Being engaged has been such a blessing. It’s been fun, it’s been work, it’s been learning, and it’s been full of loving. This Man right here is my very best friend.

Petite Treat


On that note, let’s end with the three bites of Talenti I had last night (this is what is still left, I had already had 3 small bites).

Sending you all well wishes for the day! See you back here tomorrow morning, where I will likely be sharing a chicken sausage, kale, and onion recipe you can make for dinner — one of my favorite ways to have Kale!

Love, Paige

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Meal Plan #3: Pesto Pasta

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Good morning sweets!


cereal with blueberries and almond milk

Cereal same as yesterday — this has been heavenly! So crunch and cold in the mornings :)


This snack was un-pictured. After breakfast, I went and met Mom for a 2 mile walk. While I was at her house I snacked on a few tortilla chips with my Dad’s fresh tamatillo salsa and 1/2 of a fig bar.

After that, I took of and ran some errands. I bought my Bridesmaids gifts! I’ll be putting those together tonight. :)


open faced turkey sandwich

Lunch didn’t really happen… I made this open faced turkey sandwich on the heel of the bread and decided I didn’t like it less than halfway through, so I stopped.


healthy hits the spot smoothie

Later in the afternoon I made a Green Smoothie minus the greens (I was out) + blueberries/Peanut Butter. Yea. This was good! Notice the Binder? :-D

healthy hits the spot Facebook page

Look, I noticed during work yesterday that my Facebook Page hit 1,111 likes. Lucky, lucky! Who’s going to change that?

apple and water

My second afternoon snack was an organic apple with water. I never post photos of my water but I keep this bottle with me all day long.


carb loading

For dinner, I carb loaded. Ha! I planned to have Pesto Pasta with Broccoli, which we did, but we also got a surprise call from Dad that he made Marco and entire Pepperoni Pizza! How sweet, right? When Marco went to pick it up, Dad also stuck a Vegan slice inside for me with a few pieces of sweet potato. So, for dinner I had a little bit of each thing instead of just Pesto Pasta. It was filling and so satisfying.

Pesto Pasta w/ Broccoli: Gluten-free noodles with homemade pesto and one bag of frozen/boiled broccoli mixed in. Added 1T of Kerrygold butter for flavor. 

pizza from Dad homemade

Don’t worry, I didn’t starve Marco with just pasta. He had already conquered what used to be the other half of the pizza below, so he just wanted pasta at dinnertime. Guys. And the way they can eat.

How good does that look? My Dad is a pro-pizza maker!

Alrighty y’all! Tonight, I may veer from the Meal Plan and make something super simple like a Grilled Panini Sandwich. It’s going to be just me for dinner and my main focus is going to be relaxing with music and getting crafty with my bridesmaids gifts. We’ll see :) Come back and check tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

Love, Paige

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PS, seriously… there is only 16 days until the Wedding!

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