The SECRETS I Use to Stay Organized Consistently

by healthyhitsthespot on September 3, 2015 · 6 comments

Hi girls! I’ve received so many requests from you all on organization and being productive. I love talking about this! So I thought instead of doing one huge post on everything, I will break it up into categories instead and start an organization series. How does this sound? I will provide tips for you all on how to organize your home (today!), your office, budget, to do lists, etc. I hope you find this series helpful!

So, starting today with HOME. I know many of you wonder how to keep your home tidy and organized most of the time, not just when you do a “spring cleaning”. I know for me, keeping my house clean and free of clutter helps me feel so much more relaxed and happy.

how i keep my home organized - work from home

Home should be a place that you feel comfortable and are able to decompress. Having clutter around actually makes me feel more stressed and overwhelmed. Have you ladies heard of the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo? This book has gained popularity, and is filled with useful information as to how to always have a tidy home.

Marie’s key point, and one that I completely agree with, is that staying tidy is more important than simply deep cleaning, because it keeps your mind more organized, and you will not get that feeling of being overwhelmed when you do decide to complete your deep-cleaning.

With that being said, I am going to share some of my tips that Marco and I follow that allow us to keep a clean and organized house at all times. We do these everyday so we do not feel overwhelmed and end up doing a huge overall cleaning when visitors come (haha!).

If you need some other ideas, or more specific examples, I highly recommend checking out Marie Kondo’s book. Just a warning: she is straight to the point and tells it like it is.

  1. Discard what you do not need. If you feel like you are re-organizing all the time, you probably have too much stuff. Marie also talks about this in detail. She explains that if something does not bring you absolute joy, then discard it. Marco and I like to have the most minimal and simple amount of things. It makes a huge difference in diminishing clutter!
  2. Another point that Marie makes is to be able to see everything you own. You do not want things to be stacked or cluttered, so making sure you can see everything helps with this.
  3. Every night or morning, spend just ten minutes alone, or with your partner/roommate, and tidy up around the house. Cleaning up each day prevents clutter from accumulating and being left for later. I think it’s more fun to do this with someone, because you can talk about your day or have a conversation while cleaning, and it makes the ten minutes fly by!
  4. Split tasks with your partner/roommate so you don’t feel like you’re doing everything. Of course, if you enjoy cleaning, then by all means, go for it! But Marco and I like to divide tasks evenly, that way we can spend more time doing things that we enjoy later. For example, Marco always makes the bed and does the laundry (sometimes I will help with the laundry). We clean the dishes every night after we eat, so one person will wash and the other will dry. Side note: have you ever seen the TV show, The Middle? The family divides the dishes, of course in a hilarious way, but nevertheless, it gets done much quicker and they get to enjoy each other’s company while doing it!
  5. Similar to the above tip, always ask for help (unless you really don’t mind not having help). Not doing so can allow feelings of resentment towards your partner or roommate to surface. In addition, you have to compromise and be willing to let the other person do the task you’re sharing in his or her own way. Yes, they may place an object in the “wrong spot” or not make the bed how you normally would, but remember that they are helping, and instead of picking a fight, express how thankful you are that they are helping.
  6. As most of you know, I work from home. So, my office is in my house. It is sometimes tempting to work outside of normal “work hours,” and it could be very easy for my office to become disorganized. To prevent this, and help separate my work and personal life, I “close up shop” every night. This involves shutting everything off, placing my files back in their spot, making my to-do lists for the next day, and even shutting my office door to physically signify that my work is done for the day. This ensures that each morning I am starting in a fresh, new environment; the work from yesterday does not carry over.
  7. Finally, Marco and I do a major cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, etc.) maybe once a week. Truly, if you clean up a bit each day, deep cleaning becomes less important, and does not take nearly as long than if you were to save everything for one day each week.

So, these are my tips for keeping your home organized. What works for me may not work for you, and that’s totally okay! Experiment with different methods if you wish, and find what makes you feel most relaxed. That is key-making your home a stress-free and relaxing environment that you look forward to coming back to each day.

Do you have any organization tips that you implement for your home? If so, feel free to share in the comments below! I love hearing new ideas ☺

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Morning girls. Yesterday, I received a text from a client saying “this mornings Simple Abundance is SO good!” This particular client has been reading Simple Abundance throughout our work together, as a way to start her day joyfully.

autumn resolutions

So, I wrapped up my own personal quiet time and grabbed the book. I read through, and new that I had to share it with the you beauties on the blog. SO, thank you my sweet client. You girls share so much wisdom with me–and you inspire so much (if not ALL) of the work that I do!

The book Simple Abundance is a daily read, somewhat like a devotional, but with stories to share. The topics vary from fashion, to home decor, to joy, to prayer, to walking as a form of mediation, and so on… The purpose of the book is to bring comfort and joy to each reader, daily.

On September 1st, the share of the day was all about the change that September opens us up to. Who else loves Fall/Autumn? I know I do — it’s my favorite season! One that feels full of alignment, rest, coziness, coffee, blankets, and joy… I love this season because I always feel most myself during this time.

Reading through SA yesterday, taught me that actually, MOST people experience change in this season. September is a time for growth, for doing more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want so that you can ultimately love the life you’re leading. Ah, how great is that?

The author, Sarah Ban Breathnach, says: “It seems to me that January resolutions are about will; September resolutions are about authentic wants.”

What do you want more or less of in your life, so that you can love the life you’re leading?

Ideas, shared by Breathnach, are: “seeing friends more, setting aside time to have adventures with your children while they still want your companionship, rekindling romance in your daily routine, calling a solitary hour a day your own, or just taking more walks in the dazzling sunshine.”

Let this autumn be a time of great growth for you. Don’t let it pass you by… Ask yourself: what do I want more of in this season? What do I want less of this season? What needs to be cleared? What support do I need? How will I feel if I meet these desires?

The goal? To love the life you’re leading. 

Here are my personal Autumn resolutions:

  1. To make morning quiet time a priority every weekday morning, as it sets the tone for my entire day
  2. To be intentional about setting myself up for the next day, nightly
  3. To really get in touch with, one day at a time, what allows me to have the experience of JOY
  4. To give the most important areas of life my very best (relationships, spirituality, self-care, career), which would include clearing out the un-necessary “time-suckers” and things that drain me
  5. To have a heightened sense of compassion for myself and others, day to day, moment by moment

What about you? Will you share a few of your Autumn resolutions with me?

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The Importance of Self-Care for Intuitive Eating

by healthyhitsthespot on September 1, 2015 · 9 comments

Happy September 1st! We’re starting this month off with SELF-CARE.

You all know that I am a huge advocate of self-care.  That is, taking time for yourself to do things you enjoy, that make you feel wonderful, and fulfilled.  Self-care looks different for each person! For example, one of my favorite things to do for self-care is waking up in the morning, grabbing a nice cup of coffee, getting cozy under my most “fuzzy” blankets, and doing my quiet time.  The rest of my day feels calm, happier, and runs smoothly overall when I make the time to do this.   

The Importance of Self-Care for Intuitive Eating

Did you know that self-care is also a big part of intuitive eating?  

Let’s think about this with a question.  When you feel your best, do you feel like you make better choices in terms of food?  When you are feeling confident, calm, and loving toward yourself, you are more likely to listen to your body, and your body is most likely craving wholesome, real, delicious foods (the best versions of your favorite foods).  

When we are in stress mode, or aren’t take time for ourselves, we are less likely to listen to what our body truly wants.  And, in turn, we begin to choose fast, cheap, less exciting foods.  This leaves us feeling unsatisfied, and constantly searching for more.   

I had a six-month client share this with me this week: “…as I arrived to work people were heading out to the café to buy a breakfast & coffee. In other weeks, I might go too thinking ‘it’s Friday, I deserve a treat’. But this week as I’ve been treating myself in other ways more often, I felt no need! This felt great…”

For me, starting my morning off with quiet time and reflection supports my desire to listen to my body and understand what she is truly craving.  Tuning in first thing in the morning, helps me to better tune-in all day long.

Now, I’m not perfect, but I will say that after practicing intuitive eating for years now, even if my morning starts off on the wrong foot I can usually course correct throughout the day to continually feel better. How is this possible for me? Because I have so deeply rooted my belief that eating food will not actually make a non-food related situation better. Makes sense, right?

I course correct by: (1) pausing to acknowledge my feelings (not to criticize them or try not to have them); (2) taking a minute to stop and pray/ask for help; and (3) asking myself what I actually need in the moment to feel better–most of the time it’s that I feel scrambled and I just need to jot a few things down on paper to feel calm and clear.

That being said, for most people, especially when you’re not too far from your dieting days, when you feel super rushed, or feel stressed as soon as you wake up, you’ll tend to go for fast/quick foods that will not satisfy you, or that you’re not actually craving. There are a number of reasons for this, some of which are: you’re stressed, you’re rushing, or you simply feel like your whole day is already messed up. 

One thing I teach my clients is that time is not actually separated by days. If you think about it, time is just one long continuous strand. There is absolutely ZERO logical reason to wait until tomorrow or Monday to treat yourself better. You can instead make your very next choice one that feels better.   

Your body is so smart!  She knows when you are treating her well.  This includes self-care: being self-compassionate, doing things that bring you joy regularly, and taking the time to appreciate where you are right now.  

In addition, self-care is a form of primary food.  That is, if we are practicing self-care, then the reliance on food, a secondary food, for emotional comfort begins to lessen, because we are feeling much more confident and loving towards ourselves.  Your body knows when you are making her a priority. Practicing self-care will reduce urges to binge, overeat, mindlessly snack, and instead will allow you to be more trusting of your body and her ability to know exactly what you need.  

What are some other examples of self-care? It is different for each person! So try to find something that you truly enjoy, does not feel forced, and makes you feel confident and beautiful.  

Some ideas might include:

  • Calming walks
  • Being compassionate to yourself
  • Quiet time
  • Meditation
  • Getting dressed up for no reason
  • Buying a cute outfit that makes you feel amazing
  • Getting a fresh new haircut or brow wax
  • Simply sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air
  • Reading a book
  • Take a warm shower/bath
  • Give yourself a manicure
  • Talk on the phone to an old friend
  • Journaling
  • Buy yourself some flowers or a candle 
  • Take a class on a topic that you’ve been wanting to learn about
  • Rest in your “enough-ness”
  • Know that you are safe to feel your emotions
  • Be hospitable to yourself, just as you would to a visiting guest 
  • Make your home your sanctuary
  • Say ‘YES’ to a random desire
  • Many more!

Learning to be kind to yourself is key to intuitive eating and living.  Self-care is such an important part of loving yourself, therefore making intuitive eating so much easier — food is only ONE PART of intuitive eating!

What helps you feel relaxed and cared for? Is there anything NEW you can take away from this post? Any AH-HA’s? Let me know!




Weekend Eats: We Ate Out Every Meal This Weekend. Pics!

by healthyhitsthespot on August 31, 2015 · 9 comments


Ever had one of those weekends when friends are visiting, and you eat out every single meal? I had one of those weekends–it was AWESOME. We got to taste so much delicious food. We even have a running list of what Kayla and Kyle still need to try next time they visit… Our tastebuds thank you, SLO!

Since I know weekends like these bring some of you anxiety &/or overwhelm, my goal here is to show you how you can enjoy your company all without worrying about the food. Instead, you can just go with the flow, and eat/taste what sounds good, and skip everything else.

Here’s why these weekends are actually less stressful than we make them out to be: Just because there are what feel like a dozen opportunities to eat in a short amount of time, doesn’t mean you you’ll want to eat every single thing (especially if you’re paying attention).

apple farm breakfast

Saturday morning started coffee talk & lounging around before we threw on our walking shoes to get breakfast. We love walking to the Apple Farm. Kayla and I ordered an omelet with potatoes to split, and each our own biscuit. I was so glad we split. It felt perfect and kept me full all day.

marco paige bubblegum alley

After breakfast we walked downtown SLO, showed Kayla bubblegum alley — have you heard of it?! — and the creek. It was HOT this weekend. Shorts and tanks all around.

kayla kyle bubblegum alley

Marco had to work Sat afternoon, so once he left the three of us took a little trip over to Avila Beach. We dipped our feet in the water, saw the town, and hit a candy shop before we left called Reimer’s. They have a Reimer’s in Kayla’s hometown, so she was excited to see one!

I skipped on the candy, because (1) I wasn’t craving it and (2) I was still full from breakfast. Notes for YOU: if you’re in the same boat, full but still want the candy, buy a piece and save it for the very next time you’re hungry :). << It’ll taste so much better then anyway!

spencer makenzies

After Avila we came back to our place and made blended Margarita’s. We listened to music, talked for a while! and then walked downtown to grab a little snack at Spencer Makenzies. Again, I still wasn’t hungry, so I skipped on the snack. I really wanted to be hungry for dinner at Firestone Grill.


We got ready, and walked to Firestone Grill around 7:30. Everything in SLO is walkable. I swear, I don’t move my car unless I’m going to Trader Joes (which, I will be today!). One thing amongst many others than I love about this little town of ours!

firestone grill

I ordered the Southwestern Salad which is my favorite. We got a side of fries and onions rings to share as well, so I snacked on a few of those. Yum! I don’t know if you guys can tell the enormity of this salad, but it’s HUGE and packed with flavor. I was so glad to be nice and hungry before dinner.

We had QUITE the eventful evening afterward. We walked to the grocery store, grabbed some fresh limes, came back to my house, and made peach vodka sodas. While we were hanging out in our garage (our hangout spot) a neighbor came up and told us that there was a man passed out in our front yard.

I walked over, and sure enough there was! Luckily, the fire chief lives next door and I was able to ask him for help. He took care of it all. Picture: a fire truck, police car, and the three of us watching the chiefs little boston terrier dog (Walter). Walter was barking at people as they walked by–he was in total (small) guard dog mode. Just like Noah gets! It was hilarious.

All day Kayla had been set on getting to try Batch, an ice cream sandwich shop in SLO. Sadly, our eventful evening made us too late. They had just closed by the time we’d walked there! So, we walked to Doc Bernsteins, the local ice cream shop, and all cravings were cured. I was full from dinner, so skipped.

An observation you’ll all appreciate: Kayla and Kyle split their meals all day long so they’d have room to try whatever they wanted, knowing there was plenty to try. Not ONE of us was making negative comments about the food. It was all enjoyed in moderation, without a second thought. Refreshing!


By the time Sunday rolled around I was in bare food mode. Ever get this way? I just wanted simple, and light. Basically, not to fancy. Just plain and simple. I ordered a black coffee at Scout (had to show them Scout!) and sipped that on our walk to breakfast.

splash cafe breakfast

At breakfast I ordered “eggs and bacon.” They usually give me a side of eggs and a side of bacon but for some reason mixed it together this time. I’ve gotta say, this may be my new order! It was yummy all mixed together.

Kayla and Kyle took off after breakfast. We had so much fun with them… We laughed, shared stories, got to know each other, and got to show them the little place we’re growing to love so much. Plus, I just love that they love and appreciate food as much as I do!

Once they left, Marco took off to the gym, and I stayed home to decompress & check on all things Finally Free. I worked for a short time answering emails, and getting our newest members all squared away. I normally don’t work on Sunday, but this was a necessary (and fun!) occasion.

chips and salsa

Marco came home an hour later and picked me up to head to Arroyo Grande. Just two towns over where the Walmart is. We went to pick up camping supplies! We got new sleeping bags, a tarp, and a big ol’ cooler. We’re planning a camping trip sometime in the near future.

I was starving by the time lunch hit, so we went over to Baja Fresh and split a burrito dos manos. They don’t have this on the menu anymore, and haven’t for years. It’s INSANELY good and absolutely must be split. Hence the name, burrito “two handed.”

burrito dos monos

I’m not kidding, this burrito is practically the size of two chipotle burritos. Ha! Deeeeelicous to split! I enjoyed the burrito, and left most of the chips behind. They were less exciting in comparison to this delicious burrito.

trader joes snacks

After Baja Fresh we walked next door to Trader Joe’s. I knew we were out of food (literally, our fridge is EMPTY) at home and wanted to eat dinner in. So, I grabbed a salad for dinner, and tofu spring rolls for lunch today and we were set. Marco had leftover tacos and fries that he wanted to eat.

salad trader joes

Mmmmm. Dinner was this Lemon Chicken & Arugla salad from TJ’s. Love. We had a cozy day at home after lunch. We cleaned the house, lounged around, bought tickets to a concert… I planned out my week, made my grocery list for this week (going today), and caught up on some blog reading.

trader joes salad

Marco enjoyed his tacos and fries (I had a few too!) and we relaxed the rest of the evening. I read more of my self compassion book, which I love, and set myself totally up for the next day (today). I got my coffee ready, set my quiet time basket on the dining room table, and picked out my outfit.

Now today I’ve enjoyed an easy morning from setting it all up last night. I had quiet time, coffee, breakfast, and am now blogging before I pack up a work bag and head to a coffee shop to work for several hours on writing. To follow, the gym, Trader Joe’s, and then an evening spent with my Hubby.

So, again, moral of today’s post…

Just because there are what feel like a dozen opportunities to eat in a short amount of time, doesn’t mean you you’ll want to eat every single thing (especially if you’re paying attention).

AND, if you DO want to eat every single thing, it’s 100% possible to do so and still feel great afterward by ‘tasting’ all of your food; not eating to complete fullness; leaving room for more deliciousness. << This is what Kayla and Kyle were able to do. Since they were visiting, they wanted to try everything.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you’re in a situation where it feels like you’re eating out continuously for a short period of time? I used to feel this way! What’s a new perspective that you can take away from today’s post?

I hope you all have a great day!




P.S. Fun posts to come this week by reader request, including ones on self-care and organizing!


Daily Eats: Seriously Falling In Love with San Luis Obispo

by healthyhitsthespot on August 28, 2015 · 6 comments

Guys, I’m falling in love with my little town. I can honestly tell you that two months ago I was doubting that I’d ever be able to say this with that true, all encompassing “I love this place” feeling.

Sure, I’ve liked SLO since we moved here… But I never felt totally at home… But now, I’m feeling like I’d be sad if we left. Every day I’m feeling happier here, and am so thankful for this move. The more friends I meet, the more grounded I feel. I owe it all to meetups for bringing me friends!

breakfast burritos

Okay, I guess I owe it to myself to for having the you know what’s enough to go to the groups. Gotta give myself some credit for that, right?!

Let’s dive into eats yesterday. It was a tortilla day, for sure. See yesterday’s post if you need to understand why I’m totally okay with eating three tortillas in one day 😉

Breakfast started out with an egg, cheese, and dads homemade salsa burrito. It held me over for about 4.5 hours until lunch.

albondigas soup

Lunch was dad’s albondigas soup (yes, I’ll share a recipe if he shares it with me!) with a tortilla for dipping. So great. You know this soup is good since I still wanted it in 94 degree weather. If you didn’t know, 94 is really, REALLY hot for us Californians. 😉


At about 5:45 before I met up with a new friend for coffee I made a small snack. I didn’t quite want to eat dinner yet (I wanted to have more time to eat dinner) but I was also slightly hungry, so I had a snack of two crackers with turkey before I left.

We met for coffee at Scout. I’ve been getting a whole lotta Scout lately–no complaints here! I ordered a decaf soy latte while there. Iced, for sure! Oh, and I didn’t open the Kombucha above. I decided to save it for tomorrow (which is today–I’m glad I did!).

burrito dinner

We sat and talked for over two hours, which felt SO fun. As I said, the more great girls I meet, the more I’m loving this new little town of mine. I’ve discovered that PEOPLE are what make me feel rooted. I’m a relationships girl, for sure! Which is likely why I love my one on ones so much.

When I got home, I sat down and fully enjoyed my dinner: a chile verde, rice, and bean burrito. All leftovers from visiting my parents over the weekend. Soo yummy! Today was the last of the leftovers… I’m going to miss your cooking dad!

Okay girlies. I’m not sending out any more email/blog reminders for Girl Talk… so if you’re here now, make sure to jump on the list so you don’t forget. The recording will be sent out this Sunday at 9:00 AM Pacific. 

Enjoy your weekend! Come hang with me on Instagram @healthyhitsthespot! Finally Free also just got an insta. You can follow us at @finallyfreeprogram ~ Xo.




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