My Current Feelings About Exercise in the Evenings

by healthyhitsthespot on July 3, 2015 · 2 comments

Good-morning all! Happy Friday! Do you have today off work for the holiday? Happy 4th of July weekend!

I have most of today off.  I’m doing a little bit of work this morning (with coffee in hand) and then I’ll be done :). One of my best friends is coming up for the 4th, and for that I’m so excited! Let’s jump into yesterday’s eats.


eggs and toast for breakfast

Breakfast was eggs and toast with a little bit of cheese & salsa on top, plus a side of coffee (coffee, half & half, and agave).

salad for lunch

Lunch was a big ol’ salad. This tasted good, but honestly, I wasn’t very excited for it. I was sharing with a client the other day that as a general (& gentle) rule of thumb we should aim to be genuinely excited about (at least) 75% of the food we eat… and the other 25%, well, sometimes we just eat what we have and that’s okay. I LOVE when I have 100% delicious/satisfying days, but they don’t always happen and that’s okay. Next week, I’ll shop for something more exciting for lunches ;).

meat and cheese snack

Around 2:30 I was craving a satisfying snack. Meat & cheese it was. With a little glass of OJ.

smoothie for a snack

Around 4:00, I started to feel belly growling hungry so I made a smoothie to sip on during my last session of the day. This was super satisfying, and held me over until dinner time around 7:30.

chicken villa with beans and rice

I was super excited for dinner! More chicken villa (recipe) with rice and beans. This totally hit the spot and left me feeling super satisfied. I thought I wanted OJ again (random craving this week) but didn’t end up drinking it. So, I sat the cup back in the fridge and ended up drinking it for a sweet treat later in the evening while relaxing and catching up on blogs.

And now to share about evening exercise…

I’m still not loving it…

Yesterday I mentioned that Marco’s schedule just changed, so now I’m switching up my routine so we can have mornings together. I LOVE our mornings together… the past couple of days look like this: we sleep in until 7:00/7:30… I slowly crawl out of bed, make coffee, cuddle up on the couch, read, and lounge around until breakfast at 9:00… after breakfast, Marco heads to work and I change into regular clothes (I’ve been showering at night, too – my routine is all different) and work until about 5:30/6:00.

So, morning isn’t the problem… I really, really appreciate having slow, peaceful mornings right now.

It’s the evening time that’s hard because all I want to do after work is VEG-OUT and relax… I want to be a homebody most nights after work and do things that are purely for pleasure. Anyone feel me?

Here’s what I enjoy in the evening: cooking, listening to music, taking a hot shower, getting the house straightened, changing into PJ’s, making tea, lounging, and watching a movie or show on Netflix. What I don’t look forward to is working out… I guess it feels too “tough.” A walk is doable… but nothing more sounds good… and I do like to incorporate a few challenging things into my workout routine… Once I’m doing the workout it’s okay, and I’m glad I did it, but man, it’s a push to get it in…

Hmm… As I’m writing this… I feel like I just came to my own answer (love how that happens)… I wonder if I just leave the more challenging workouts for the days Marco is off since we usually go to the gym together anyways? Normally, I would have probably realized this sooner but since we’ve been out of town the last week n’ a half we haven’t gone to the gym – just hikes and at home workouts.

Ah, this is really beginning to look up… So here’s what I’m thinking… the days M works… I’ll just take a relaxing evening walk after work – I do enjoy moving my body, just nothing strenuous… Then, on days where we have regular time together and not just a couple short morning hours, I’ll head to the gym with him & do my more strenuous workouts… Wow… Problem solved and that feels so much better… The only thing that would stop me is being out of town, and during those times I can just simply do other things like: swim & kayak if we go to the beach, take my yoga mat on the trip and do core exercises, pack my running shoes and go for a “wun,” etc… Ah, that feels much, much better!

I feel like I’m most honoring my body when I have a mix of casual walks plus a few challenging workouts throughout my week… It’s also really important to me to create routines that honor to my desires/body (like wanting to relax in the evening AND to spend quality time with my Husband each day)…  which is why it felt so important to me to figure this balance out… Thanks for letting me talk through that girls :)… thanks for listening!

I’d love to hear what works for you all in terms of working out and your routine. Share with me in the comments!

Thanks! Xo.




Daily Eats: Homemade Chicken Villa (Yum!)

by healthyhitsthespot on July 2, 2015 · 2 comments

Good-morning all! How are you? How’d you sleep last night?

I’m here to share yesterday’s (Wednesday) daily eats with you. As always, the purpose of my daily eats posts are to show you that you can live a life free of diets and deprivation and still feel great in your body. I try to share a peak into my daily life as well :).

eggs and toast

Yesterday started off with a wake-up call and blog writing at 6:30. With coffee in hand, I caught you all up on our trip to Catalina (see post here). After blogging, I went to the grocery store to do our weekly shopping trip (we were out of town until late Tuesday night).

When I got home Marco and I ate breakfast which was eggs and toast. For the past 3 weeks I haven’t really craved eggs and toast (crazy, I know!) but my craving has returned… :)

M left for work around 9:30, which is when I hopped on the computer to budget (I budget every month on the 1st). I finished that quickly as I’ve implemented some new techniques into my monthly budgeting. I think it’s time for an update on the ol’ post. Do you?

salad and crackers with cheese and meat

I started work at 10:30 with my first client. I had a busy day putting new binders together for my newest clients, shipping them off, walking to the bank, and holding and handful more client sessions. It was a good day all in all, and I’m feeling grateful :).

I took a 30-minute break for lunch around noon when I made this simple salad with a side of crackers, cheese, and meat. My salad has: gorgonzola cheese, a sprinkle of mexican blend cheese, yellow bell peppers, and candied pecans. Pretty random, right? Haha!

have a snack when you're hungry

Around 4:00 I needed a “pick-me-up” snack. I wasn’t feeling belly-growlin’ hungry, but I could tell that I was lacking some energy. So, I had this snack before my last client session and it did just the trick. A sliver of cheese & one slice of meat.

(If you haven’t noticed, I keep saying “meat” because as I’m writing this I can’t remember what kind of meat this is – haha!)

peppermint tea at work

After my snack, I made a cup of peppermint tea and headed back into my office.

healthy hits the spots office

I wrapped up work just around 5:30 and then headed out for a “wun” (walking &/or running as I choose – zero pressure, pure pleasure/release). I was pretty tired, so I did more walking than running, and ended up feeling refreshed by the end (and so excited for dinner!).

to avoid snacking while cooking dinner

I came home, finished my workout with some core exercises, and then poured myself a glass of OJ to hold me over while I cooked (otherwise, I’d want to pick on the food I was cooking the whole time – relate!?).

chicken villa recipe

Dinner was chicken villa (recipe) with jack cheese on top along with sides of refried beans and spanish rice. Yum, yum, yum! This was by far the best chicken villa I’ve made to date. Such happiness in my belly.

clean your kitchen each night

I ended the evening by cleaning up the kitchen, setting my coffee, opening up the windows (it’s hot here!), reading, and watching a movie until Marco got home from work. His schedule just changed from 6-6 to 10-10, which means my schedule and routine changes too. I’m experimenting right now with evening workouts rather than in the morning so I’ll have more time to relax and be with M in the mornings… so far, a little challenging, but ultimately feeling good. We’ll see ;).

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Be kind to yourselves–you deserve nothing less.



P.S. Health Coaching is entirely full. If you would like to get on my waiting list, please click here.


Home from Catalina Island (Our Trip!)

by healthyhitsthespot on July 1, 2015 · 6 comments

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 1 of 23

We’re home from Catalina Island! We left home on the 20th and just returned late last night. Ah, what a vacation it was.

We went on a new hike each day (to Wrigley Mansion, the zip lines, botanical gardens, Wrigley Memorial, the campgrounds, to the golf course, Hamilton Cove, and all around Avalon), took naps, played games (miniature golf, Uno, Heads Up), layed by the beach, went to the movies (Jurassic World), ate amazing food (Steve’s was #1), enjoyed ice cream (Big Olaf’s), walked to get our yummy $.50 coffee’s each morning (Loyd’s), and hung out at Descanso Beach most days.

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 2 of 23

We cooked at home several times and other than that we enjoyed the food of Catalina. We ate at Bluewater (this photo – an Ahi Salad), Steve’s Steakhouse (my favorite – see toward end of post), Antonio’s (amazing pizza – order the tomato basil), Mi Casita, and a little burger stop near the arcade. Oh, and we definitely had a nightly visit to the arcade with Marco’s cousins competing in air hockey. I got to be a kid again!

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 4 of 23

I took just enough pictures to have some good memories, and other than that, I left my phone inside. I’d say my phone was tucked away in our Catalina bedroom for about 90-95% of the trip. I basically only jumped on my phone to answer a text from a friend, or post a picture every other day or so to instagram. It was so nice to be completely unattached to it.

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 14 of 23

This is the grassy area at Descanso Beach where people sneak off to eat their own packed lunches :). Otherwise, they don’t let you bring your own food. We sat here with Marco’s fam on one of the first couple days as the kids were having a picnic and throwing a ball around.

If you look closely, you’ll see a Carnival Cruise ship tucked away behind the tree’s on the right hand side. On Monday’s and Tuesday’s (I think!) they stop in Catalina and let people spend the day there. I’ve never been on a cruise – thoughts?

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 5 of 23

Here’s a picture that Marco’s grandpa sent me yesterday :). He said “at this time last week you were enjoying Catalina!”

Another thing I was completely unattached to the entire trip was my makeup bag. I only get fully ready when I’m at home 1 or 2 times per week anyway, but on our trip, I literally left my makeup bag packed 100% of the time. I never touched it, and it felt so good.

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 6 of 23

We got sun everyday, which made us happy :). There was hardly any fog while we were there. Last time we went (see post here) there was fog every morning that would burn off around noon. This time, there was only fog on the last two days. The fog doesn’t bother me at all, in fact, it’s almost nice when you’re out hiking in the morning, but it was nice to have such hot weather for the beach.

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 7 of 23

Another view from Decanso Beach :). Only downside – you have to walk through all of these rocks on your way down. Ouch!

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 12 of 23

I enjoyed several different drinks on vacation. I had: a mojito, a mai tai, margarita’s, and buffalo milk. My absolute favorite was this “Buffalo Milk” from the Descanso Beach bar. It’s got a coffee, chocolate, banana spin on it… and it’s DELISH. I wasn’t in the mood for my regular vodka soda this trip, which was a fun change up :).

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 10 of 23

Marco and his cousin Will :). He stole my glasses for this picture because he “couldn’t see a thing.” :)

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 11 of 23

Marco and I. Photo courtesy of Marco’s aunt Leslie :). This was a day where I didn’t take my phone, and Leslie just text me a few pictures. Another reason why it’s so easy not to have your phone – everyone else will take the pictures for you (haha)!

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 9 of 23

Here’s a photo I took on one of our hikes over looking Hamilton Cove. Ah, it was beautiful!

I will say – as I took this photo, I was thinking about just how pretty Catalina truly is and also, how we never get the WHOLE picture of a trip just from someone’s pretty picture. I talked to Marco about this and how we sometimes just get such the wrong idea from scrolling through instagram, reading blogs, etc…

Our vacation was GREAT because we had time off, we got sun, moved around when we wanted to, napped when we felt like it, read, talked, laughed… and we ALSO drove each other nuts sometimes, annoyed each other, talked things out, couldn’t decide where to eat some nights, etc…

I want to point out to all of you, that when I (and probably most other people) come to a blog to post, we’re sharing our best parts. It’s so fun for me to come home from a vacation, sit down at my computer, and reminisce over my favorite parts of that time with you. But what I would also like to share, is that my family vacation is probably more similar to yours that you might think.

So, whether you’re reading my post or someone else’s, you can feel confident while celebrating a fun time with us, that there is no need to feel envious over something that may look perfect because I can assure you, NOTHING is perfect. Can we call a truce there? Is this true for you? I hope the realness I’m aiming to share here is helpful/encouraging/relieving.

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 13 of 23

Okay, so now I’ll continue to share my favorite parts of our vacation :). Friday or Saturday night (now I can’t remember) we went downtown to listen to live music. THAT was fun. The live band was great and played so many oldies songs, which I love!

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 15 of 23

The very last day, Marco’s grandma sent Marco and I on a lunch date at Steve’s. She told us to sit near a window, which would overlook the ocean.

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 16 of 23

It sure did, and it was so pretty. It was also one of the warmest days, and this window seat was the coolest seat in town. We were mighty thankful for that :).

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 18 of 23

I ordered sea bass on the last day, which had been caught IN Catalina at 4:00 AM that morning. Talk about eating local! I thought that was pretty cool.

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 17 of 23

Marco got the burger, which was so yummy (& so were the fries!), but even said he should have ordered the sea bass because it was just that good. The sea bass was covered in lemon, caper, butter, and mushroom sauce and served with rice pilaf…. yum!

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 19 of 23

Our vacation continued when we arrived back to Ventura after Catalina. On Monday, Marco and I visited our niece, brother, and sister in LA. Mama was babysitting, so we got to spend some special time with her too. Ah, baby girl Sofia… I love her to PIECES.

After our visit, we stopped by In-n-Out for lunch, which we hadn’t had in ages. I got a cheeseburger “protein style” and french fries. This is actually my favorite (tasting) way to order their burgers, because the lettuce is so crispy and fresh and I can really taste the burger.

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 22 of 23

When we got home Monday, Marco went to the gym with his buddies and I got to spend some special time with my Dad hiking in Ventura :). He told me stories from when he was growing up, about riding his bike through California, hitch hiking, and being a spontaneous 17 year old. I loved it :).

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 20 of 23

I know this isn’t SUPER clear, but can you see the ocean? And spot the Islands (not Catalina, which is out of LA)?

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 21 of 23

And here, can you spot Two Tree’s? Those two tree’s are historic in CA. There’s also a hike up to the tree’s but it’s actually illegal (private property) and I guess Ventura is really regulating it now. Sad, that used to be a fun one!

Trip to Catalina Island - Healthy Hits the Spot - 23 of 23

The last photo I’ll leave you with is our dinner last night, which was made by Papa Burton (aka, my Dad, who I have many names for). Chile Verde Tostada’s. Yum! We ate with Mom & Dad and enjoyed their company before heading back home.

All in all, it was a wonderful vacation and I am feeling so relaxed and refreshed. It was just what I needed :).

What would you like to hear, through blog posts, about Catalina &/or vacations? Leave a comment and let me know. 


PaigeSignature P.S. I’m happy to be back and sharing with you all!



We’re Headed to Catalina!

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Hello everyone!


I will be on vacation from June 21 through June 28. While I’m away, on the Island of Catlina, I wanted to leave you a list of favorites on Healthy Hits the Spot. Two things I am beyond grateful for this morning: (1) YOU and all of your love and gratitude around here – it means the world to me and (2) for my first non-work vacation with my Husband since our Honeymoon.

These posts have been handpicked just for YOU with the help of my intern who is a long time HHS reader and previous client of mine!


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Favorites in: Meal Prep/Packing for Work

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Favorites in: Trusting Yourself and Gratitude

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Favorites in: Budgeting/Organization

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Favorites in: Resources

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  5. The Health Coaching Binder

…& just for fun, here’s the last time we went to Catalina (summer 2013).

I would love to have you follow me and stay connected while I’m away. The very best ways to do that are to ‘Like’ my Facebook Page &/or to ‘follow’ me on instagram @healthyhitsthespot.

Thank you so much for following HHS. I’m so grateful for you!

Leave a comment: what posts are you looking forward to when I return? Tell me and I’ll make it happen!  

(To get the first post of my return in your inbox, sign-up here and select “new blog posts as they go up.”)



P.S. I’ll have one super quick (they go fast!) opening for Health Coaching upon my return. If you or someone you love is interested, schedule a Step Into Your Transformation Consultation (availability begins July 9th).

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When counting calories, you’re eating based off a calorie limit that you’ve allowed yourself for the day in order to lose x amount of pounds per week, right? I’ve done all the apps. myself… What they do, is control our food intake so that (hopefully) we end up eating less than we would have if we weren’t counting. There are so many problems with this… While it will probably work short term, here are a few things that I’ve seen happen over the long term…

#1 Binge Eating: What happens when you’ve had a really hard day and you’ve exhausted all of your efforts trying to keep people happy at work? Naturally, you want to come home and let go of anything that it’s your control. Since calorie counting IS in your control, you decide to take a night off. What happens when you take a night off? Likely a BINGE.

Still in the stressful job/relationship/environment the next day? What happens? Another BINGE.

#2 Weight Gain: If you’re eating a low amount of calories in order to lose weight and then suddenly stop (for any number of reasons), the weight you lost will probably come back… Ever experienced this? Does it feel like in order to stay at that new ideal weight you HAVE TO count calories? Yikes. That’s a frustrating and scary place to be (I used to be in that place myself – just know you don’t have to be there forever).

#3 Distrust: What happens when you find yourself consistently starting and stopping calorie counting? Likely, you feel like you’re “out of control” and “can’t trust yourself” around certain foods or in certain situations. This is so sad… and I can completely relate to this feeling. We should absolutely be able to trust our bodies. Do you know just HOW smart your body actually is? Think of how your body heals a cut when you fall… Our bodies ARE smart and they WILL tell us when we’re hungry, when we’re full, and what we need, we just have to learn to listen.

An alternative to counting calories: Intuitive Eating.

NOW, you might be wondering… can you lose weight when eating intuitively?

The truth is: if you need to lose weight, you’ll likely lose weight eating intuitively as long as you commit to truly listening and following through with the signals your body is sending you (your body KNOWS when it’s hungry and when it’s full). We’re the ones that choose whether or not we’ll listen to those signals… You know what I’m talking about, right? Don’t feel bad if you’re not currently listening those signals – it’s hard, and takes talking with someone who truly understands in order to figure out. Get support if you need it (I’m currently full, but you can join my waiting list if you’d like).

If you don’t need to lose weight, you’ll likely maintain a natural, healthy weight with intuitive eating. This is where it’s hard for most people. Personally, my natural weight (the NUMBER) is about 10 lbs higher than where I used to keep myself. But, I feel better than ever! I’m stronger, healthier, and feel more “womanly.” I feel more confident. What’s better about this? I don’t have to TRY to maintain my weight anymore. Now, my body naturally stays where SHE’S most comfortable. AND, since the truth is that I’d always return to this weight anyway (unless I want to count calories forever) I’d much rather spend my energy loving on this body that I have now. How about you?

It’s exhausting trying to change your body all of the time, and the truth is, even when we do change our bodies (through calorie counting, diets, or deprivation), we’re still not totally happy with them! Why? Because the problem lies in accepting ourselves.

If you’re trying to change your NATURAL weight, then you’re likely not accepting yourself.

When you’re at your natural weight you’ll likely experience: balanced hormones, regular periods, better moods, better sleep, a higher sex drive, and actually, if you can choose this, you’ll even have much higher confidence levels. Your weight will be more stabilized, you won’t have to exhaust yourself controlling your food all of the time, you’ll be able to enjoy a cookie and leave it at that (you won’t need 10 more). Your current relationships will improve (or you’ll find the courage to be only in the right ones). You’ll feel more present, and you’ll feel much less distracted by unimportant things.

The truth is, no one is totally happy with their body unless they choose to be. You could be a 00 and still dislike your body and think that you’re “fat.” The focus needs to be on your on your health. I’ll never forget the first time I heard my brother say to me: “eat for your health, not for weight-loss.”

Also, for some of you, I’d like to ask:

Have you ever been offended by someone saying “you look healthy!” If you relate to this, you know exactly what I’m talking about…

Perhaps it’s time you start focusing on being healthy > being skinny.

I hope this was helpful. I care so much about each one of you reading this post. What I ultimately want for each person who reads Healthy Hits the Spot is for you to love on your body, treat her well, and take good care of her. She does so much for you and wants you to have that freedom. She doesn’t want you to be distracted by trying to change her. She was made for you to embrace and enjoy.

“Confidence will make you happier than any diet ever will (so embrace your body).” – Unknown

What would need to change in order for you to start embracing and listening to your own body instead of trying to control your body through calorie counting, diets, or deprivation?





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