Your Self-Love Summer Commitment Statement

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Thanks so much for the questions, comments, and emails throughout this series: “The Month Before Summer.” It has been so fun to connect with you all and hear your excitement for what’s to come. I love hearing that so many of you are feeling excited and hopeful (in the most positive way) about your 2015 summer!

Did you see the first two Summer Series posts? See the first one HERE, and the second one HERE.

What we’ve covered so far:

  1. We’ve prepared our hearts & minds and discovered the kind of summer that’s possible for us by closing our eyes and visualizing what we truly desire.
  2. We’ve learned that we can feel great in our bodies without dieting by having the willingness to: practice, get the right tools, and do the right training.
  3. Today we’re going to walk forward into the land of commitment & prepare ourselves for the most supportive, encouraging, blast of a summer yet. Get yourself ready for #SLS2015!

So, are you ready to: (1) feel fulfilled, free, light, happy, AND you eat what you want, (2) get to &/or maintain your most natural weight without dieting, and (3) be surrounded with women who have the same mindset? Do you want to feel strong, healthy, and confident in your own skin? That’s great! You absolutely can.

Remember what we talked about on Day 2, like anything else in life (drivers licence; riding a bike; building something; learning a new skill for your career; etc), you need to be taught, trained, and you need to practice. It’s normal to learn from others who have been in your shoes, and have been professionally trained and accredited to support you. All you need is the enthusiasm & willingness to learn.

I can bet you can already feel that willingness to learn peaking out. Those curious thoughts floating in your mind saying:

“Wow, what if this really could work?”

“What if I never had to diet again, and I really did feel good?”

“What if in fact, this is possible for me?”

“What if I just listen, and see what happens…?”

I’m here to tell you that YES, this is SO possible for you. In my own story, MOST of the time while I was dieting I truly felt like a lost soul. I felt that there was no hope for me, and that I was doomed to: think about calories everytime I ate (I mean, I knew the calories in EVERYTHING); focus on the clock as I worked out & feel obsessed with how long I excised or how far I went (had to be an exact number); and also what, when, and where I’d eat… I tried HARD to stay away from those foods that I “just couldn’t control myself around”.

Well, today, I can honestly and confidently tell you that I no longer look at the calories in my food, I eat what I want, I always feel good after finishing a meal, and I love my body more than ever. This is coming from a girl who ABSOLUTELY thought this was impossible to do.

So, I hear you, trust me. But I need you to hear me and believe me, too. Especially if you want the same outcome that I now have. To put it simply, if you want to be where I am, then follow after me & my clients. Read their stories here, be filled with hope, and join me & my friend Abby (who also has a summer series on her blog) on Friday when we reveal exactly what you can do this summer to make it, literally, your best summer yet!

You’ve heard my story, now I’d like to share Nicoles (a client of mine!):

“I use to think I was going to have to count calories for the rest of my life to keep my weight under control. It stressed me out (I was constantly worried about the calorie counts of things – I never wanted to go out to eat), it made me cranky (never, ever filling full or satisfied), annoyed with my body (I ate so “good” yesterday, why is the scale up?), jealous (how can my girlfriend just eat one cookie, and how can my other girlfriend order the pizza for lunch, while I have to eat the salad with dressing on the side?!). I was definitely not the best version of myself and that made me sad. Then I met Paige. My life changed. She taught me to be gentle with myself and starting this process of intuitive eating and not counting calories WOULD work and there are NO mistakes. How awesome was it to hear that?!?! Especially when I constantly thought I was making mistakes with everything I ate and did. I am so much more content! I enjoy going out, I enjoy trying new things, I no longer am a part of the vicious cycle I was on of binging/restricting. Working with Paige was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was so nice to have someone in “my corner”, someone that I could get a hold of anytime, someone who understood what I was going through (when I honestly thought I was the only one). I am finally free and the person I truly believe I was meant to be. I look forward to each day and I can’t wait for the future. Everyday gets better and better. From the bottom of my heart Thank You Paige.”

This could be you, too!

Soon enough you’ll be joyfully posting your summer on instagram with us and hashtagging #SelfLoveSummer2015. We’re a group of gals, on a mission, to make this our most joy-filled summer yet! Instant community and connection is what you have to look forward to!

If you want to be surrounded by like-minded women, build fantastic relationships, be in a place where others are struggling with the SAME thoughts and feelings as you, move AWAY from obsessive dieting or overeating, and move INTO a place of peace with food, enjoying yourself, and loving on your precious body, then you’re in the right spot.

There will be no post tomorrow, because I want you to have the opportunity to read all three posts, reflect, and sign this commitment statement for yourself this summer.

Download your commitment statement >> SLS_Commitment Statement.

If you want, take a photo of your signed statement and hashtag #SelfLoveSummer2015 (there’s 1 month until summer, but we’re being reckless and using the hashtag early – join us!). Tag me @healthyhitsthespot and my sweet friend Abby @eatworkplaybalanced in your photos, and we’ll come say hi and even re-gram/re-tweet some of your photos! One SLS babe is going to win a BIG-EXCITING-FREEBIE!

Once you sign your statement, comment below saying “I committed”!



P.S. something is coming on Friday… and you do not want to miss out. Don’t panic, you can sign-up for updates here so you don’t miss it. But just a warning, I’d set a reminder in your phone to check the blog in the AM as well… :)


feel great in your body this summer


Goodmorning everyone! How did you like yesterday’s post? Did you get a chance to prep your heart and mind for a more joyful summer in 2015? If you didn’t see it, feel free to go there now & then return to this post.

Welcome to Day 2 of “The Month Before Summer” Series!

Today, I want to start some conversation about wanting to feel good in our bodies. I need to start by letting you know that it’s okay to want to feel good in your body. I also wouldn’t be serving you well if I didn’t let you know that feeling good in your body comes in two parts: (1) how you feel physically, & (2) how you feel mentally. If you can’t accept & love yourself mentally, no physical change to your body is going to make a difference in how you feel about yourself. We need to work on both parts at the same time.

Now, we all know summer is FULL of BBQ’s, vacations, dinners, bikinis, and going out with friends, right? This brings up pressure for a lot of women. I know this because as my friend Abby (who is doing her own summer video series right now on her blog – under “resources”) and I have asked you all what your biggest summer challenges are, the #1 TOP response has been:

“I want to feel good in my body AND get to enjoy all of the fun, spontaneous things about summer like saying ‘YES’ to BBQ’s, dinner, and parties.”

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. My clients come to me with the same questions, and we’re able to work through these concerns swiftly by re-aligning ourselves with the truth, which is what will instantly & ultimately bring us joy.

Here’s what you need to know today:


Again, I’ve been through this. I share this with you today, having gotten through my own 6 year struggle with dieting and controlling my body. I believed during those 6 years that a smaller body would bring me joy, and that having an ultra small body was the only way to feel good. I also believed that the only way to feel good (& get that small body) was to diet, restrict, and exercise religiously. I can confidently stand in front of you today and tell you that this is not what will make you happy, and this is NOT the only way (or way at all) to have the body that you so desire. SURE, you can choose diets, over-exercise, exhaustion, and limiting what you eat… but why would you do that when there is another way that is full of pleasure, joy, gratitude, confidence, reflection, transformation, and true, lasting change.

You might be worried that you need to be on a diet in order to get that bikini body, because that’s what so many other people are doing, right?

Girls, side note: we need to, together, recognize that this is how people make money/careers. They create things that we want (instant, magical weight loss, and an incredible “bikini body,” TODAY!) and then we buy them, fall of track, and are just in the right place (when we’re desperate and a promising diet/plan fills us with hope again) to buy the next thing. Good for them. Super crummy for us. (This is definitely not directed at anyone specific, and I do not think that people are evil hearted, creating things that they know we’ll “fall off of.” But unfortunately, that’s what happens and the sales go round.)

Now, back to my point… what do you think would happen if you let go of the STRESS from dieting? Any guesses? BINGO! Yes, you’ll set your body up to ultimately get to the place where she is naturally radiant, thriving, filled with health & joy, and you’ll be able to finally feel great in your own skin (for good!). And you didn’t even have to trick and manipulate your body to get there (which is almost impossible to maintain in the long run, by the way).

Do you want to feel strong, naturally healthy, and confident? With the right tools  (which we will teach you in Self-Love Summer) and the right training, you can!

Let’s start by remembering the absolute best tool you have: your own body.

You might be thinking:

“BUT Paige… I can’t listen to my body… you don’t understand, I don’t know how! Every time I listen to my body, she tells me to eat loads of Ben & Jerry’s, and I just feel out of control. It just doesn’t work for me… I’m not one of those girls who can eat what they want and still lose weight…”

DON’T WORRY. Just like anything else in life (drivers licence; riding a bike; building something; learning a new skill for your career; etc), you need to be taught, and you need to consistently practice day after day, week after week. Makes sense, right? Don’t expect to do this on your own. It does take training, practice, and a willingness to learn.

Something else is coming very soon… If you caught it… you’re likely already wondering what is this? when is it coming? and how the heck you get in on it… Peek back at the blog tomorrow, for Day 3 of this free summer series!

In the meantime… let’s get those training wheels on and start prepping for the real ride… I am giving you a free 1-Day to Eating Intuitively Guide to start practicing what it’s like to listen to your body. It’s entirely free, and you can download it here >> HowTo:GuideToIntuitiveEating. Remember, if you’re a bit wobbly at first, that’s okay! It’s totally normal. With practice, you’ll get the hang of it & one day listening to your body will feel as natural as riding a bike. It’ll only take a few simple corrections, but for the most part, it will feel natural.

Do you have questions? Comments?




P.S. don’t forget to download your free guide here >> HowTo:GuideToIntuitiveEating! No strings attached. All I ask is that you do use it, and start practicing :).


Are You Set-Up To Miss Out This Summer?

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Goodmorning Healthy Hits readers! It’s DAY 1 of “The Month Before Summer” Series, and today we are going to make sure that you’re not already set-up to miss out this summer.

We’re going to be preparing our minds & hearts for what’s to come.

Summer’s a time since we were young that’s supposed to bring joy. Right? I mean, think about an elementary summer: time for a break, for camp, for fun, for time with friends, for water & splashing around, for games and goofing off… for being creative and having the flexibility do to more of what we want to do.

Summer is a time to get together with family for BBQ’s, picnics, camping, and more.

Summer is full of bright colors, being outside, and letting loose a little bit! Summer is meant to feel great.

For me, summer has always been pretty fun. It’s quite possibly one of my favorite times of year. That being said, some summers have been better than others. I’m sure many of you will be able to relate, but some summers were fun, free, spontaneous, happy… and others were less fun & happy… others were more stressful, filled with a little more anxiety, and felt a little less flexible & spontaneous. Can anyone guess why?

If you guessed diet-control and too much emphasis on exercise, you were right… I’ve had likely a total of six summers where my mind was all too consumed with how my body looked, what exercise I could fit in each day, and how many calories I’d eat. Those were the summers where I didn’t prep my heart and mind, because I didn’t know better. Instead, I believed what I saw in the mainstream media and our own, self-made social media:

I believed that everyone else was on a diet, and perhaps I should be too. I believed there was only one way to look in a bikini, and without that look, I wouldn’t be smiling, flipping my hair, and feeling confident in my body. That’s what the pictures tell us, right?

Now, I know you might be thinking: “but oh my gosh… I have to have a great bikini body for summer!” and don’t worry, I’ll address that in the next post…

What if I told you that there was a different, better way to live in this 2015 summer? What if I told you your summer could be full, free, light, happy, AND you could be eating what you want, maintaining your weight, and be surrounded with women who have the same mindset? I bet you wouldn’t want to miss out on that summer, right?

So let’s make sure that you’re not going to.

I have my own story of ups & downs (which you can add to your reading list and go back to read later if you’d like: my story). In short, I dieted and restricted and kept my body at an unhealthily-low weight for 6 years. I yo-yo dieted, felt distracted, and was so unsatisfied for these years.

Today, as I write, I am free, I love my body, I feel great in my skin, I have am able to eat my favorite foods, and feel great too. What’s rewarding about that? Now I’m in my third year of Health Coaching, and I’ve been able to help hundreds of women do the same. You can see my client testimonials in depth here, but for now, let’s look at what Elizabeth has to say:

“I worked with Paige for 3 six month programs. This was the best thing I have EVER done and I am so grateful that I made this investment. I wouldn’t trade my happiness for the world….I feel so satisfied from my food that I don’t even think about it after I eat. Eating allows me to move on with my day and do things I enjoy with people I love. It allows me to laugh and smile and then a few hours later remember it’s time to eat again because my tummy is growling….I now have a body that I feel good about. I now get excited to wear my new clothes or go shopping. Even better is fitting into some of my old favorite clothes that (thank God) I never gave away. I listen to what I want and I eat when I am hungry…..”

Do you want to feel how Elizabeth now feels?

It’s so important, that together, we are preparing our hearts and our minds for summer. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure seeing a LOT out there about getting yourself “bikini ready,” and jumping on the thin train before June hits. As if we’re not already enough. As if our bodies aren’t allowed in bikini’s yet. You guys… do you know the damage this is doing? Can you feel in your gut how not okay this is? Sure! It’s okay & even good to feel great in your own body, and we’re going to talk about that tomorrow in the next post, but this whole body shaming, you’d-better-diet-and-get-thin talk is not helping a single one of us. It’s making us entirely obsessed with how we look to everyone else.

Do you want the perfect recipe to be pre-occupied, unhappy, distracted, and missing out on the fun this summer? Go on a diet that takes up all your brain space & leaves no room for the grateful and overflowing joy that you could have instead.

Let’s talk about what’s possible for our summers, okay?

Do something for me, for the next three minutes I want you to completely let go of dieting, restriction, and the intense need to change the way your body looks in order to get into that bikini.

For the next three minutes, I want you to fully accept yourself, and say to your body: “you deserve to be treated well. You deserve to feel good. You deserve to enjoy every part of summer, and soak up all of the joy that is waiting for you. I give you permission to do this. I give you permission to let go of restriction & make room for abundance. I give you permission to live a little more, let go of things that don’t bring you joy, and to embrace a new way of fully experiencing the beautiful life set out for you.”

How does that feel so far? If you don’t believe that you WILL commit and actually follow through with this, I need you to fake it, for the purpose of seeing possibilities for yourself (& also, stay with me through this entire series – this is for you, especially).

Now, close your eyes and step away from your body. Zoom out of your life, and I want you to watch yourself here on planet earth as if you were in space and looking through a telescope. What would your ideal summer look like? What are you doing? What allows you to experience this deep joy of summer that’s available to you?

Imagine yourself happy, free-spirited, with friends/family, not distracted by a diet, owning your confidence because you CAN, and choosing not to give your attention to diets and all that propaganda saying you need to change.

What does this look like? What does this feel like?

Does it feel good to visualize? Perhaps a little scary to actualize?

Is your brain shouting objections at you, while you’re also wanting to change and believe what I’m saying here? Let me guess a few:

  • …but I want to lose weight!
  • I have to diet, otherwise I lose control – I’m not one of those people who can just eat what they want.
  • I have no clue how to listen to my body… so this won’t work for me…
  • I’ll never be able to eat normally… you don’t know how deep into dieting I am – it’s all I know right now

Fear? Objections? That’s okay. Even MORE reason for you to be here this morning. You’re in the right place. Do you know what fear is? Fear is excitement on pause. I talked about that in this post (again, you can add to your reading list for later). Here’s what I want you to ask yourself:

“…if I were able to commit to have a different mindset/focus this summer, and everything were to turn out okay, and I was able to come out on the other side of summer saying ‘I enjoyed this summer more than any other before me,’ would it be worth it for me to let go of the reigns a little, and have FUN? To embrace who I am, and start living in a way that allows me to soak up the joy that’s available to me?”

IF YOU CAN ANSWER YES, then do NOT let the fear stop you.

Again, fear is your excitement on pause.

This week I am going to ask you to sign a commitment statement to yourself for the summer. I am going to do this with you, and so is my sweet friend Abby (@eatworkplaybalanced – doing a free summer video series on her blog, now!). Together, we are going to vow to make 2015 the most heavily soaked-with-joy-and-real-life summer ever. Stick with me through this series.

Can you see what you might be missing this summer if you don’t prep your heart & mind? What questions do you have for me? Let’s talk – comment below. 



P.S. can’t wait to talk with you in the next post about bikini bodies & why it’s OKAY that you want to feel good… Jot a note on your calendar, or sign-up to get the updated post in your inbox first thing here


This NEW Blog Series Is Coming Next Week!

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Meet me here at the blog next week for this brand new summer series! Next Monday will put us at just a month before summer, which gives us the perfect opportunity to talk through some super important topics, like: prepping our hearts & minds for summer, body confidence, seeing & embracing joy to the fullest, etc… You won’t want to miss a single day, so mark your calendars & sign-up for posts by email here!

Ladies, I am so excited to meet you here next week for this series. I can’t wait to be raw/real with you, and get down to how we REALLY want to feel this summer.

Let me & others know you’re going to be reading the new series with a tweet

What does your IDEAL summer look like? What do you want to know is possible for you this summer? Take 30 seconds to share in the comments!




P.S. there is a brand new Healthy Hits Coaching testimonial up this morning. If you have a few minutes, definitely take the time to read it. It’s incredible! Read Elizabeth’s story here.


Daily Eats: Better Than The Movies Homemade Popcorn

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Do you love movie theater popcorn? I used to LOVE it. Until I figured out the perfect recipe to make delicious popcorn at home!

eggs on toast

Breakfast – two eggs on sourdough toast. Ideal! :)

chicken & beans wrap

Lunch – chicken, pinto beans, cowboy caviar, and green salsa wrapped in a whole wheat olive oil wrap.

green tea matcha latte

Afternoon pick-me-upCoconut Matcha Latte!

arugula salad with pasta on top

Dinner – arugula with leftover brown rice pesto pasta on top & a few pistachios for fun! :)

homemade popcorn

Late-night snack – it’s funny that I say “late night,” because this actually happened at about 7:00 PM while Marco & I watched Netflix. Ha! I shared this homemade popcorn with him, which he’s grown to like more than the boxed kind. Yay for upgrades!

To make: heat about 2-3 Tbsp. of olive oil in a medium sized saucepan that has a lid. Pour a thin layer of kernels right into the olive oil puddle (3-4 Tbsp.). Sprinkle sea-salt over the kernels BEFORE they pop. Cover and let pop! Once they are 2-3 seconds between pops, turn it off. Be careful your popcorn doesn’t burn by quickly getting it into your popcorn bowl. Enjoy!

yogurt food processor bowl

Petite-treat – we wanted something sweet afterward so we made more food processor yogurt & fruit to share. Ah, delicious!



With these “Daily Eats” posts I hope to show you that it’s possible to live a healthy life & feel good in your body without counting calories.


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