How I Do My Quiet Time

by healthyhitsthespot on April 18, 2014 · 10 comments

Good morning all!

As I’m writing to you, I’m sitting here sipping on this amazing butter Coffee. Ah, it’s heavenly. By drinking this Coffee, I have actually stopped craving agave in my morning Coffee. The butter & coconut oil give it the perfect flavor. Original recipe from the Bulletproof Exec. Mine is 12-16oz Coffee, 1 tbsp. coconut oil, and half a tbsp to 1 tbsp. unsalted grassed butter.


Today, I am doing my Q & A video on quiet time. You know where that video comes out, don’t you? Yep, you guessed it! In my VVIP newsletter. So, make sure you’re signed up, because in just a few hours y’all are going to receive a little video in your inbox sharing how I do my quiet time.


I’ll show you what’s in my basket, I’ll share with you my exact morning routine, walk you through what quiet time looks like for me, and give you some suggestions on how you can make quiet time totally your own.

Yesterday’s eats:

Yesterday morning I had two eggs and 1 slice of Ezekiel bread for breakfast (no picture)


For lunch, I had a bowl of chili with cabbage mixed in (this is actually a great combo!)


For dinner, I went to Snapper Jacks with my Mom & Dad. This photo is actually a picture of Marco’s burrito, which we brought home for him… can you believe how lazy I was with taking my own photo’s yesterday? Jeeze, Paige… ha!

I ordered a Vegetarian burrito with a whole wheat tortilla & no cheese. Inside was refried beans, potatoes, cooked veggies, lettuce, tomato, and secret sauce (heaven, is what they mean to call it). I ate all of my burrito, and just a few of my chippies. I gave the rest to Dad.

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Enjoy your weekend,


PS, comment below and share with me how you have your quiet time! I’d love to hear! If you have any Q’s that you want answered in one of my next videos, leave them below :)


Good morning everyone!

I’m here to share with you the Best of Healthy Hits Wednesday! Here’s this weeks instagram roundup! Thanks to all for participating! :)

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Zucchini Pasta

Thank you to all who shared! Now, go ahead and leave a comment telling us which number you are, and a little something about your photo :)

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The Secret to Change

by healthyhitsthespot on April 16, 2014 · 14 comments

Good morning everyone. I hope you all slept well. Today was one of those mornings where I just didn’t want to get out of bed. My window was open, it was chilly outside, and I was wayyyyy too cozy in my covers.

Daily Eats from yesterday -


Breakfast was 2 eggs, 1 white, 2 pieces of turkey sausage, and 1 slice of Ezekiel with Kerrygold unsalted butter.


Lunch was a salad with Cruciferous blend, garbanzo beans, apple cider vinegar, goddess dressing, and the best part…. a tsp. of pesto! I can’t even tell you how good the pesto was on a salad… I had never thought to do this before.. it just sounded good. I also had one n’ a half pieces of eggplant parmesan leftover from another nights dinner.


Between lunch and dinner I met my friend Brittany for tea. I got apricot-mango tea with a drizzle of honey. So good! Before dinner, I also had a small bowl of chips with some homemade guac.

Dinner was half a plate full of salad with onions, bell peppers, a little bit of basil, and tomato all mixed with goddess dressing. So crunchy and different from a green salad. This was good! We also had asparagus with olive oil, sea salt, and 21 seasoning salute… and some pasta with pesto right in the middle of all the veggies. Filling & delicious.

Health modification so you can eat your pasta, too: instead of piling your whole plate full of pasta, fill your plate with flavor packed veggies first, then add the pasta :)


Later in the evening, I had pistachio gelato for a Petite Treat. Marco and I had the house to ourselves, so we sat downstairs on the carpet, played with Noah, and enjoyed the peace & quiet. Oh, and ate some ice cream :)

The Secret To Change

I saw this quote today, and thought it was so powerful. I posted it in my Healthy Hits Coaching Community first thing this morning. What do you think? Have you experienced this to be true? Tell me in the comments below!



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Health Coaching Openings

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Good morning sweet girls!

Today I am excited to share spots that are NOW OPEN for Health Coaching! :)

By the way, if any of the following strike your interest, simple click the “here” link for that particular interest. I have set up automatic emails that you can send. It’s really that simple! You’ll hear back from me within 24 hours, and we will schedule your free Consultation! Can’t wait!

6-Months to an Intuitive & Mindful Life Program: 2 openings…click here if you’re interested in the 6-Month Program


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Sugar Blues Class: Sold Out…but click here if you want to know when it’s coming up next year! 

If you want to read what others have experienced through working with me, click below to read some great success stories and sweet things my Clients have to say about their Coaching experiences.

Healthy Hits the Spot Success Stories & Praise

Sending you lots of love this early Tuesday morning,


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My Prom Date Made Me Cry

by healthyhitsthespot on April 14, 2014 · 6 comments

Good morning all of you :)

I hope your weekend was as sweet & special as mine. I hope you got to touch a life.


Views from this Monday Morning


Douglas. My Nephdog. We’re watching him this weekend :)


Computer for blogging. Coffee for thinking. Paper for list making. Michaels receipts for continued Wedding planning :)


And the sun just peaking through my window. Now, for the part that you really care about.

Marco & I went to Prom this weekend, and we didn’t go with each other. We each had our last, first date.

Here is a 2 minute Video of last years Prom:

 >>>> Night To Remember 2013 from MISSION CHURCH: Ventura, CA on Vimeo. <<<<

“A Night to Remember is a prom sponsored by Mission Church for students with special needs between the ages of 12-25. There is no cost for the event, and each guest is provided with their own host and everything they need for a truly memorable experience: dresses, tuxedos, make-up, flowers, limo rides, photos, a walk down the red carpet, dessert, a night of dancing and more!”


Marco & his date.

It melted my heart to see him on a date with someone else — he was such a gentleman. It was so sweet to see how he is as a date from the outside.


And my date, the one that made me cry (happy tears).

This is Christian, and he was is the sweetest, 19 year old boy I’ve ever met. I could hardly keep him from jumping out of the party bus — he was so excited to get inside and dance!


I think Christian had the time of his life. When I got Christians info card, it mentioned that he was nonverbal. For most of the night, he was. Until it was almost time to say goodbye. He kissed by cheek, and yelled to me the best he could “bye-bye!”

I left the Prom feeling so fulfilled.


These sweet people got to experience feeling treasured, significant, included, and 100% loved on Saturday night. Volunteers came from all over.

Sunday morning as I was getting ready, I pictured Christian’s face as we were dancing and cried tears of joy. I got his address so I could send him a photo of the two of us, and I am praying I’ll get to see him again. Maybe take him a gift with Marco :)


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