Our Trip To SLO

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Good-morning everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed Ashten’s Post yesterday! Did you see my post over at her site?

Marco and I had such a good vacation. I fell even more in love with SLO this trip! I can’t wait to share pictures with you!

apple farm room in san luis obispo

We arrived Saturday afternoon after I went to my Soul Keeping book group — which I’m also loving! Look how adorable our room was! This bed was a King. Marco and I have a full (yeah, I know!). This gave me the itch for a King sized bed!

paige schmidt going out in slo

When we got to SLO we got ready and walked around downtown a bit before meeting friends. I got ready a bit more than I normally do while in SLO and that was so fun! Hence, the reason why I took a couple selfies. Had-tah do it.

curled hair

It was the first time in a while I’d curled my hair too, which lessened my desire for wanting to dye it… even though I probably still will… we’re talking dark blonde or a really light brown. Last week, I was so ready to darken my hair a bit so that it would be less maintenance. Still can’t decide!

slo brewery tacos

Anyway, enough about my hair… back to SLO! We went out Saturday night for dinner with our new friends Hannah and Matt (hi guys!). We had dinner at SLO Brew where I ordered fish tacos (this was on the appetizer menu!) and a side salad with balsamic. I ate one taco at dinner + my salad and enjoyed another late at night while M was finishing up his frenchy fries back at the hotel.

side salad

The side salad was great too, and without thinking, I ate the croutons. The rest of the trip was pretty easily gluten/dairy free. And to report, my knees are doing well right now. I owe thanks to turmeric too! Oh, and taking a week break from strenuous exercise! I had a margarita on the rocks with this meal.

After dinner Matt and Hannah took us to the Black Sheep for another drink. We sat in the back on the patio and talked for another hour or so. We had so much fun with them! For those of you who didn’t read last week – Hannah and I met through my blog, and we met up with them for dinner this weekend in SLO.

paige schmidt in SLO

The next morning I woke up and got ready for Church with coffee in hand. Didn’t even have to wash my hair! Plus side of spending the time to do your hair the day before.

splash cafe in slo

On our way to Church we stopped at Splash Cafe for breakfast. I got scrambled eggs, bacon, and a soy cappuccino.

calvary church slo

We checked out Calvary SLO. This place was packed with College Kids about 10 minutes after this photo was taken. I guess being 10 minutes early to Church is early for this place. We liked the service… but we’re going to try out another recommended Church (Mountain Brook) the next time we are up.

pismo beach ca pier

After Church we drove to Pismo Beach and hung out for the afternoon. We walked around town, watched a surf competition for a bit, and then stopped for lunch.

lettuce wrapped vegan burger

We ate at the Cool Cat Cafe. I ordered a lettuce wrapped Vegan burger and shared fries with Marco. After lunch we played around Pismo a bit more and then headed back to our hotel, where we fell asleep for four hours. Ha! That was not expected, but felt so good! Especially for Marco. Sleep is such a gift to him these days.

side salad with balsamic

Once we woke up we got ready and headed out for Morro Bay. We drove around, re-visited the town a bit and then drove to Baywood where we had dinner. We decided on Mexican Food. I can’t remember the name of the place, but it’s right next door to the Baywood Inn where we stayed last time we went to Morro Bay.

I started dinner with a side salad & balsamic.

chips and salsa

Then went on to share some corn (thank goodness!) chippies with Marco. This salsa was so good!

biggest burrito

You guys can’t even begin to see with this photo just how big this burrito is. Okay, imagine how large your mexican food plates usually are. This is a regular sized Mexican food plate that is filled entirely by this burrito. Marco said before he started “I remember how bad I felt last time after finishing this, so I’m only eating half!” Haha. This place is good! 


I ordered fajita’s and at half. There were rice & beans on the side which I also ate. I saved half for the next day with the corn tortilla’s, but we ended up wanting something different the next day.

mr and mrs schmidt

After dinner we came back to the hotel, got cozy in our PJ’s, watched a movie, and then fell back asleep around 11:00. I had such a good time with this boy :)

need coffee

I woke up in the morning “I need. coffee.” style… so the Husband went down the lobby and brought me some. Apparently yesterday was National Coffee Day. I didn’t believe it at first, but then I googled it. It was really true!

fruit for pastries

After we cozied around a bit we went to breakfast. The Apple Farm always brings you a muffin, scone, or biscuit with your breakfast, and they kindly allowed me to sub fruit since they didn’t have anything gluten-free.

eggs potatoes and bacon

For breakfast I ordered eggs, bacon, and potatoes. This was heavenly, and felt so substantial. I was craving some good substance. I ate mostly everything except for a few tater’s.

scout coffee in san luis obispo

At 11:00 I dropped the Husband off at a meeting he had and went to Scout Coffee for work. It’s so cute inside!

scout coffee iced vanilla latte

I ordered an iced Vanilla Latte with Soy (same thing I ordered last time). I was so refreshing. Ah… I worked at Scout for about 2 hours and then headed to pick up M.

the habit slo lettuce wrapped burger

We headed out for lunch around 3:00, which was many many hours after breakfast. I was definitely ready for some food. We landed ourselves at The Habit where I ordered fries and a hamburger (real patty this time) wrapped in lettuce. Mmm, crispy crunchy.

Note to Jen: we tried to go to The Wild Donkey like you’d suggested, but they were closed on Monday. Darn! Next time :)

bubble gum alley SLO healthy hits the spot

We walked around a bit after lunch and made sure to mark our spot in bubble-gum-alley (even though I had no gum). An HHS card will do :)

spencer mckenzies ventura fish tacos and ahi pocket

We drove the two hours home, unpacked, hangout for a while, and then headed out to dinner around 7:30. We landed at Spencer McKenzie’s to grab something small. Marco got a fish taco and I got two Ahi Pockets. These are tofu pockets stuffed with rice, seared ahi, and topped with green onions & “dynamite sauce.” Very yummy! Def. not sure if they’re gluten-free though for those of you that must eat g-free.

We ended our night with a Jess (New Girl) and went off to bed. I was so not ready for our Vacation to be over just because it was so nice. Another will be here soon :)

I’m wishing you all a great day! I’m off to work/walk/grocery shop/and re-organize. I’ll see you back here tomorrow with this weeks list of Meal Idea’s!

Love, your Coach Paige

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So You Want to Be a Blogger

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Good morning beauties!

So today while I am enjoying my vacation in San Luis Obispo with my Husband my friend and Client Ashten – from Always Ashten – will be taking the spotlight. Oh, and if you want a bit from me, I’m posting over on Ashten’s Blog this morning :)

always ashten on healthy hits the spot

So You Want to Be a Blogger?

 by Always Ashten

In June 2013 I found myself 3,000 miles away from home, overworked and lonely. I was craving a creative outlet: a way to reach the world outside the misery I was living in. Sadly, I’m terrible at arts and crafts, I don’t have enough patience to collect anything and cooking? Well, Paige and I are still working on that.

But, I love words.

I had started (and subsequently stopped) a few blogs over the years and decided I finally wanted to tell my story and get serious about it.

And Always Ashten was born. 

Always Ashten is a lifestyle blog, which basically means I write about my life: the good, the bad and the funny. My goal is to take every day experiences and turn them in to relatable content: I’ve written about everything from statement necklaces to dealing with depression and anxiety to the “tails” of my 4 year old Boxer mix, Warner. As I keep writing, Always Ashten keeps growing:  watching people relate to my writing and my story brings me more joy than I can possibly put in to words. (Irony.)

One year, a lot of stories and a whole lot of lessons later, my blog has gone from a little side project to my full-blown passion. Through blogging, I’ve been able to create a place where I can be honest, where I can be silly, where I can be 100% myself. I’ve been able to form life-long friendships, create partnerships and even earn a little money on the side. Fun fact: I was a long time, regular reader of Paige’s before she became my health coach!

I even recently became a blog consultant (yes, such a thing exists….I was surprised, too) and Paige asked me to share some of my blogging tips, since I’ve learned so much along the way as I’ve gotten more involved in the blogging community!

ONE: Content is king.

You guys, I cannot emphasize this enough. Blogs are a dime a dozen these days; everyone has one and everyone is trying to be heard. Make sure you know what you want to blog about, write it well and write it often. Your readership will grow if you post consistently and your content is well-written. I also tell bloggers that it’s not necessarily the story you tell, but the way you tell it. It really helps to be able to find the humor or the heartache in an everyday situation. Don’t write to engage people: write, and people will engage.

TWO: Be careful.

This should be filed under “DUH”, but protecting your “real life” identity is one of the most important things you can do as a blogger. Never blog about your job unless you’re like Paige and your blog is part of your job. Never give your personal email or your address and make sure your content has a copyright. People are mostly kind in the blogging world, but there are a few crazies out there. When I started my blog, I made my personal Facebook page completely private, I deleted ALL work-related photos off my Instagram and I set up a whole new email for my blog. I also choose not to share my last name on my blog and I don’t show the front of my house in photos. Your “real life” is just as valuable as your blog life and you need to protect both.

THREE: Find your niche.

Here are a few things I know about myself: I can’t do DIY, I can’t cook and I am not the snazziest dresser. Because of this, I decided my blog would more of a lifestyle blog and I would write about my life. If you want to start a fashion blog, make sure you stick to it. Want to give us some amazing recipes? Stick to it. Can you DIY the heck out of something? Awesome. We want to see it. Don’t jump around as you try to figure out what you want to write about. Figure out what your story is, and then start your blog. Your blog should have a consistent brand from the header on your home page to your social media links: they should all match. You shouldn’t have your Twitter name be different than your blog name, which is different from your Instagram name. How will I find you? Pick your blog style and stick to it. Be consistent all the way through so your readers have an easier time finding you.

FOUR: Give yourself some grace.

Let me tell you from personal experience: managing a full-time job, full-time dog, full-time boyfriend and full-time blog is really hard. It’s ok if you only post three days a week to start. If you blog too hard you will burn out quickly and your content will suffer. As in life, it’s easier to add to your “blog load” than subtract. Don’t overcommit.

FIVE: Learn from other bloggers.

This one is also essential to your success as a blogger. How do you grow in your career without networking? It’s the same in blogging. If you want to gain readers you need to read other blogs. If you like something a blogger writes, TELL THEM! We all want to hear feedback on our posts; that’s why we write them! If you have questions about something one of your favorite bloggers posted, ASK THEM! Bloggers love receiving emails and many of them will get right back to you and be so excited to hear from you: most bloggers are really nice. You don’t have to leave elaborate comments on every single post; just a simple “I loved this post and totally related to it” will often do the trick! You love getting comments, so return the favor to some of your favorite bloggers! You may make some new friends.

As I mentioned before, I recently started offering blog consultations, and this has helped me network within the blogging community and meet some new bloggers!  I have partnered with Paige to give you a special discount when you book your consultation!

always ashten blog consultation discount

I hope you enjoyed my blogging advice! I look forward to working with you, and reading your blog soon!

Do you want more of Ashten? You do! Find her here:


Note from Paige: I recommend Ashten’s Blog Consultations. Ashten is fun, smart, relatable, and she cares about you and your blog! Plus, they’re only $25 and with our “HEALTHYHITSTHESPOT” code it’s only $20! Oh, and you can even advertise your own blog on Ashten’s which is great because she’s got a great amount of visitors each day!


Click here for Consultation description.



Follow Us Through The Weekend

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Follow Marco and I through our weekend in San Luis Obispo on Instagram :)

Oh, and if you want to start a blog, be SURE to mark your calendars to show up on Monday! I’ve got a great post for you!

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Catch up on this weeks posts:

  1. Monday – What We Did This Weekend
  2. Tuesday – If You’re Gluten Free, Here Are Some Ideas
  3. Wednesday – Perfect Cup of Fall Coffee
  4. Thursday – Soyrizo Taco’s for Dinner
  5. Friday – Green Smoothie Recipe


See you over on Instagram :)

Did you like having this round-up post? Let me know in the comments :) 


Green Smoothie Recipe

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Good morning all!

It’s 5:30 and I’m up with my coffee and almond milk. Somehow I didn’t feel right using my blender this early and adding in the coconut oil. Sleeping neighbors!



soyrizo breakfast tacos

Leftover soyrizo from the night before made into breakfast tacos. About 1 cup of soy rizo mixed with 4 eggs split between two people. I had this around 6:45.


quinoa bowl with sausage less sausage and kale

At about 11:30 I had lunch, which was more leftover quiona, kale, and sausage-less sausage + Dad’s salsa and leftover romaine, green onions, and cilantro from taco night.

dark chocolate after lunch

Topped it off with my last square of dark chocolate.

breaking free bible study revised

After lunch I worked a while longer and then took a break to pick up my Breaking Free book. So excited to dig into this study!


Before working again, I had a Larabar. This was around 1:15.

green smoothie recipe

At 4:00, I made myself a smoothie to carry me through until dinner.  This is not “Paige’s Favorite Green Smoothie” Recipe that you see all the time, that one is over here.

This Green Smoothie is: almond milk, dark chocolate almond milk (half cup/half cup), one banana, 2T of flaxseed, 1T of almond butter, 2C baby spinach. To make the smoothie thin out, add water.


lentil soup

Dinner was at 7:30, and I wasn’t that hungry because of my smoothie. So I made lentil soup (canned, from TJ’s). I put little slices of sourdough on Marco’s (and he also got nacho’s). Next time you make soup, try toasting a piece of bread a little more than you normal would. Coat it with Kerrygold butter and throw it right on top in little squares. It’s heavenly.


After dinner the Husband wanted to share popcorn with me while we watched Jess (New Girl). We shared about half together and then put the rest away. Dinner must’ve been good enough :)

This weekend, the Hubby and I are going to San Luis Obispo, CA again! I’m excited :) We’ll be there Saturday through Monday. On Saturday, we’re going out with one of my readers and her Husband (hi Hannah!) and then Sunday, we are going to Calvary Church up there. I’ll be snapping photos through the weekend, so feel free to follow us on Instagram.

Mark your Calendars if you want to start a blog or are a new blogger. I’ve got a great post coming to you Monday!

Have you ever been to SLO? What’s your favorite part about it/thing to do?

Love, your Coach Paige

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Soyrizo Tacos

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Good morning ladies!


coconut oil coffee

Yesterday started off with the cup of coffee inspired by my friend Simi at The Micro Harvest. I have it in my hands again this morning :)


eggs rice and chicken villa

I ate breakfast a little bit later than usual, about 9:00. I usually eat with Marco right when he’s home around 6:30, but my appetite hasn’t been with me early in the mornings this week. Possibly because of a couple late night chippies snacks, or the fact that I’m not exercising a ton right now (for my knees).

eggs chicken villa and rice

Anyways, breakfast was leftover chicken villa & rice mixed with eggs and Dad’s homemade salsa. Yum!

turmeric solaray

After breakfast and a bit more work, I headed out to Lassen’s to pick up some Turmeric. My friend Jen recommended this to me, so we’ll see how it goes! Crossing my fingers that it will help my knees feel better.

apple dandelion juice lasses

I can hardly even remember the ingredients now… but I do remember it had beets & turmeric, so I was all for it! Oh, ginger too!

After Lassen’s I popped into Target, and then came back home to work for the rest of the day.


lunch break kale quinoa sausage less sausage

At about 1:00 I took a break from work to have lunch. I enjoyed some leftover kale, quinoa, and sausage-less sausage.

dark chocolate

I topped it off with a piece of dark chocolate.

healthy hits the spot coaching office

I went back to work until about 6:00. During my last hour, I had a glass of dark chocolate almond milk to carry me over until dinner. Wasn’t quite hungry enough for a smoothie, and this sounded perfectly cool. Yep, Ashten, that’s your card hanging up next to my computer :) I have all of my Client cards out. I love them!


soyrizo tacos

Dinner was soyrizo tacos. One out of three broke for each of us… so it was more like two half tostadas and two tacos ;)

This was such a simple dinner: hardshell taco’s from TJ’s warmed in the oven, soyrizo (just heat it in a pan), chopped romaine, leftover green onions, and salsa verde (TJ’s).

After dinner I hung out with my Hubby. We went for a walk at the beach, watched a Jess (New Girl), drank cleansing tea (well, I did)…

honey dijon kettle chips

…and snacked on a few chips together. Honey Dijon Kettle Chippies. Pretty good! Pretty full of flavor so I never want too many.

Tomorrow I have two different posts coming. One here on the blog, and one straight to your inbox. If you’d like the inbox post delivered to you click here. It’s on “Choosing to Love Your Body.” 

Have a good day everyone! Come visit me here at the blog tomorrow so I can share our weekend plans with you :)

Love, your Coach Paige

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P.S. Health Coaching is entirely full for the month of September. If you would like to get on my waiting list, please click here and forward me this pre-written email. 


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